Dollar hero: Grand Vegas Police Mod APK 1.1.8 (Unlimited skills, mana)
Dollar hero: Grand Vegas Police Mod APK 1.1.8 (Unlimited skills, mana)

Dollar hero: Grand Vegas Police Mod APK 1.1.8 (Unlimited skills, mana)

By CMB - March 25, 2022
Name Dollar hero: Grand Vegas Police
Version 1.1.8
MOD Features Unlimited skills, mana
Size 165MB
Requires Android 5.0+
Category Action
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Price FREE
Publisher HGames-ArtWorks
Update March 25, 2022 (3 months ago )

Make your dream of being a superhero come true in Dollar hero: Grand Vegas Police. Participating in the gameplay, players will be able to choose to role-play as any hero character. With the noble task of protecting the peace of the city. Do not let any criminal gangs have the opportunity to rampage and affect the people. In this virtual world, you can do everything without fear of anyone stopping you. Because the security system is the central force. Always ensure the safety of everyone in this city. Having the right to do whatever you like is extremely easy. Simple job, not much to do. But whenever a bad guy appears, you have to be there to quell the riot. During this process, if their forces are too large, call for additional help from your teammates. Working together,

Download Dollar hero: Grand Vegas Police Mod – Superhero protect the city safe

In Dollar hero: Grand Vegas Police Mod, players can customize the character’s appearance. You can create your own unique style, limited edition superhero. Missions will be seen by many people. Please show up with beautiful clothes, attract attention and leave an impression in the hearts of the audience. The basic gameplay is like a street fight. If you have ever played the legendary game GTA, you will find there are many interesting things in this gameplay. Superhero characters have special superpowers. Along with many extremely high-class combat skills. Can fly up in the air, rushing to attack opponents in just a moment. This is the place where many people’s childhood dreams come true. Use your superpower to keep everyone living in the city safe.

Dollar hero Grand Vegas Police mod


You can fly in the sky with your superpower easily. However, if you do not like it, the player has other extremely interesting means. Can be: Cars, fire trucks, submarines, airplanes, helicopters, tanks, etc…. All are completely free provided by the publisher. To create the best conditions for the hero to destroy and defeat all criminal gangs. One type of vehicle that I think everyone will love is the model robot. Having a huge size, the attack power is like a storm. Will help you beat your opponent in anti-flash.

Dollar hero Grand Vegas Police mod

Style play

The basic gameplay I find is quite similar to the famous GTA game. You will control your character freely move everywhere on the street. Watch for enemies appearing and use skills and weapons to attack them. Be careful with the pitfalls set by your opponent. Use the laser beam to destroy everything. There are important tasks the system will set a time for you to complete. Try to do exactly as required to receive the most valuable reward. Street war has a lot of interesting things waiting for you to explore.

Dollar hero Grand Vegas Police mod hack

Vast scale

Not limited to any range. Players can scale up, move outside the city as well. Freedom to fly, control vehicles to everywhere easily. Moreover, you can also go to many other countries such as Japan, Korea, Cambodia, etc…. Discover new and interesting things. This is like a completely free trip. In parallel with this process, you need to perform the tasks assigned by the system. But it’s not too difficult, so players still have the most comfortable and relaxing feeling.


Dollar hero: Grand Vegas Police Mod provides players with the most advanced and modern weapons. It can leave you feeling amused and addictive. Along with that is a rich inventory of costumes, many different colors, and styles. Players can freely choose their favorite types easily. Create a unique and new-style superhero character. Everything is sold out in the shop, try to complete many tasks to get more coins. Go to the item section to shop for whatever you like.

Dollar hero Grand Vegas Police mod apk

The superheroes in this gameplay do not have a fixed style according to any character. Different from the games and movies in the theme. Players will be free to build their own hero image. Along with that is the uniqueness, the opportunity for you to create extremely attractive. But don’t get too focused on this. Because your main task is to ensure the safety of everyone in the city. As soon as you see any criminals showing their faces, they immediately attack and destroy them.

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