Disney Heroes Mod APK 3.8.10 (Skill Hack, Freeze)
Disney Heroes Mod APK 3.8.10 (Skill Hack, Freeze)

Disney Heroes Mod APK 3.8.10 (Skill Hack, Freeze)

By CBCC - April 23, 2022
Name Disney Heroes: Battle Mode
Version 3.8.10
MOD Features Skill Hack, Freeze
Size 200MB
Requires Android 4.0
Category Strategy
Get It On Google Play
Price FREE
Publisher PerBlue Entertainment
Update April 23, 2022 (4 months ago )
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Disney is a famous animation channel and sticks with the childhood of many children. With all kinds of legendary animated cartoons already shown on the channel, those who have watched them will surely never forget. As a companion, along with each person’s childhood through the highest animated movies. But now you will still remember every detail. Now publisher PerBlue Entertainment has created a compelling strategy game that combines all the characters in the movies the channel has shown. A convergence of many heroes that you cannot miss, immerse yourself in the strategy game with unique characters. Like taking you back to your childhood days with cartoons to watch every night is a wonderful thing.

Download Disney Heroes Mod – Disney Heroes

The first thing that attracts you to the game Disney Heroes Mod, to mention first is the character system fighting in the game. All the characters in this game are taken from the famous Disney animated movies. You will feel familiar when seeing images of the characters in the game. The fighting skills of the characters, as well, have been made to resemble the film’s visuals as much as possible. That will make you extremely satisfied when the characters are not transformed into something else. Now that the earth is in danger from alien attacks, they release a virus that can spread very quickly to people. Now you and your Disney heroes will have to work hard to stop this evil act, an explosive head-on war.

Download Disney Heroes Battle Mode Mod

The game begins

Your task in the game Disney Heroes Mod is that you will arrange the lineup of characters in an order that you feel best to be able to fight against the aliens. Destroy enemies with the characters you own, characters with different stats and different skills. You need to arrange a perfect team so that the characters with separate skills support each other and create the best team. The position of each character is very important because it can change the whole situation of the game screen. You should accumulate the experience gained through the gameplay and arrange it in the most creative and reasonable way. The enemy army is now becoming more and more powerful for the last rounds, a sharp strategy and creative intelligence will help you to overcome them in a remarkable way.

Game Disney Heroes Battle Mode Mod

Graphics and sounds in the game

The graphics of Disney Heroes Mod are designed under a 2D game platform, giving you bright colors on dark scenes. Made in the form of 2D graphics, the game will give you the smoothest, smoothest feeling, and without latency as possible. A strong point of the game using 2D graphics is that the capacity will not need much and can be suitable for many types of machines on the market. The system of characters of the game is meticulously detailed, giving you the most honest memories of the movies you have ever seen. The sound system is very flexible and realistic with shooting effects or unleashing the skills of the characters. The perfect combination of game graphics with an accurate, real sound system will give you the best experience.

Disney Heroes Battle Mode Mod

You will experience very special features when participating in the game Disney Heroes with the Mod version. Extremely useful features for you in the task of destroying evil aliens. Skill hack feature will make the moves of the characters in the squad become powerful. And special effects than the original skill, you will be able to win more easily with this feature. Freezing will help you to keep the enemies in one position for a period of time, so you can unleash your skills on them without worrying about them attacking in response. These features will help you win the toughest levels very easily, you will play the game more gently and relax when you have these features.

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