Dirt Bike Unchained Mod APK 3.10.20 (Unchained)
Dirt Bike Unchained Mod APK 3.10.20 (Unchained)

Dirt Bike Unchained Mod APK 3.10.20 (Unchained)

By CBCC - January 4, 2022
Name Dirt Bike Unchained
Version 3.4.30
MOD Features Unlocked
Size 166MB
Requires Android 4.4
Category Racing
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Price FREE
Publisher Red Bull
Update January 4, 2022 (2 weeks ago )

Get inspired by off-road racing with a dusty motorcycle. Developer Red Bull offers players the game Dirt Bike Unchained Mod. Belonging to the racing game genre, your task is to overcome the roads with difficult terrain. Play as one of the famous racers like Glenn Coldenhoff, Sam Sunderland, Tarah Gieger,…. You control off-road motorcycles to participate in challenging race tracks. Your opponents are online racers from all over the world. Compete for skills to reach the finish line, win with the top position. Make your opponent lose and recognize your talent. Conquer every track, you will become a professional off-road motorcycle racer.

Download Dirt Bike Unchained Mod – Offroad Motorcycle Race

Dirt Bike Unchained Mod is designed for off-road gameplay. With idle style control mechanism. Entering the first race, you will be guided by the system with detailed instructions for each control operation. Just touch and hold on to the screen for the racing car to land from the air. Or to navigate the vehicle’s movement every time it crosses a bend. Your main goal is to get the highest number of stars in each situation that takes place in the race. Get up to 3 stars every time you land or pass a bend. Reach the finish line to get the highest score and take the top spot at the same time. Complete the race and win. Continue on to the next race.Dowload Dirt Bike Unchained Mod


The terrain in Dirt Bike Unchained Mod is your biggest obstacle. Perform aerial stunts when rushing through wooden planks, or many bends and turns appear on the track. Facing those obstacles, you need to flexibly handle them with your driving skills. Overcome each obstacle in turn to reach the finish line. Every time entering a new race. The terrain of the game will be increased, making it very difficult for you to overcome. Not only more turns, but you also have to do many dangerous landings.Tai Dirt Bike Unchained Mod

Realistic background, vivid sound

The race takes place of Dirt Bike Unchained Mod. You can admire many different contexts, with realistic 3D graphics. The dusty scene when the car moves on the road, sunset scene when the sun goes down the mountain. Combine realistic sounds from the car’s engine sound. And a series of other realistic sounds in each situation like drift, every time the car hits the ground. Mixed with vibrant background music. Gives you a sense of excitement in every race.Dirt Bike Unchained Mod

Online game mode

Join Dirt Bike Unchained Mod’s online racing mode. Players can invite friends or randomly invite other players in the world. Form a group of up to 24 people to enter the thrilling race. Each racer will show off their driving skills to overcome difficult terrain in the race. With the goal of surpassing all opponents to reach the finish line with the top position. Convincing win. After the end of the off-road race, the system will list the achievements of the top 4 racers. Based on the number of stars and trophies achieved during the race. Riders will receive corresponding bonuses.

Diverse terrain motorcycle system

Possessing a diverse racing system, they are all inspired by actual off-road motorcycles. Typical are 85 SX 19/16, 125 XC-W, 250 EXC-F, 125 SX… and many more. With an extremely realistic design, dusty style. Each vehicle in Dirt Bike Unchained Mod possesses impressive power. Displayed detailed parameters including maximum speed, acceleration, traction, and individual suspension. You can go through the vehicle system that the game provides to find out the details. However, if you want to own a racing car, you will need to unlock it. Use the money accumulated from previous races. Unlock a favorite racing car and participate in off-road races.Game Dirt Bike Unchained Mod

Besides owning a favorite racing car. Players also have to upgrade vehicles to increase performance. Dirt Bike Unchained Mod has a lot of different parts for you to upgrade. Each accessory after being upgraded will increase the corresponding index. For example, upgrading the engine will help the car increase its maximum speed to higher. Upgrading tires will increase friction and grip. Or upgrade the shock absorbers to make the car land smoother and upgrade the gearbox to help the car accelerate faster. Depending on your upgrade choice, using the money earned to upgrade will help the racing car operate more powerful.

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