Dicey Elementalist MOD APK 1.0.30 (Unlocked, Unlimited Diamonds)
Dicey Elementalist MOD APK 1.0.30 (Unlocked, Unlimited Diamonds)

Dicey Elementalist MOD APK 1.0.30 (Unlocked, Unlimited Diamonds)

By pew999 - July 27, 2022
Name Dicey Elementalist
Version 1.0.30
MOD Features Unlocked, Unlimited Diamonds
Size 118.74 MB
Requires Android 5.0+, iOS 10.0+
Category Adventure, Games
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Price FREE
Publisher Doublethink Games
Genre ,
Update July 27, 2022 (2 weeks ago )
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Dicey Elementalist MOD is a dungeon adventure game with many interesting features. During the game, you will throw different dice to get the corresponding elemental energy to activate the cards. If you have not downloaded this game to your computer, follow some important information on how to download it below!

Introducing the game Dicey Elementalist MOD

Dicey Elementalist mod

Information about the game

Publisher: Doublethink Corporation

Can be used with:

iPhone (Requires iOS 10.0 or later)

iPad (Requires iPadOS 10.0 or later)

MacBook (Requires macOS 11.0 or later and Apple M1 chip).

Size 189 MB

Languages: Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, Japanese, Russian, English, Korean, Vietnamese.

Suitable for ages 4+

Game content

Dicey Elementalist MOD is known for being a card game in cartoon style. In the magical game world of Dicey Elementalist, everyone is locked in a dungeon. If you want to go out, you have to pass each level in the game.

First, you need to choose a card for yourself, each character in the card has different abilities and skills. In the game, the distribution of cards is based on dice. At the same time, you need to arrange the battles of the characters according to the proposed strategy.

Some important features in Dicey Elementalist MOD

America cartoon-style game

Right from the start, you will feel how exciting this game is. The game in the style of cartoon u America combines the magic game background, bringing a different experience. You have to follow different complicated rules in the game

The decisive factor in the victory

Luck is also extremely important in the game, drawing your favourite card will bring you a pleasant surprise. Besides, the ability to properly arrange cards also has a significant impact on the game results.

Character skills

You can choose different characters to go on an adventure with. Each character has their own skills, you need to take advantage of that to make the adventures easier. Therefore, the selection of playing characters will bring different experiences for each player. Besides, there are random items and cards waiting for you to collect.

Simple Rule

Turn on the necessary card components, then bingo!

The card will be useless if you are unable to light it.

How to download Dicey Elementalist MOD to your mobile phone for free

Dicey Elementalist mod

To download the game Dicey Elementalist, you just need a phone and start visiting the LMHMOD website. Here you will easily find many safe and free download links for phones. The steps to download the Dicey Elementalist game to your device are as follows:

  • Step 1: Open your phone to go to the LMHMOD website and search for the game Dicey Elementalist.
  • Step 2: Download the application to your phone according to the instructions on the website.
  • Step 3: Once the download is complete, you need to proceed to verify the safety and transparency of the application that is about to be installed. The verification process is very simple, just download the file you just downloaded and go to Settings > Applications > Dicey Elementalist > Allow installation.
  • Step 4: Wait for the application to install and start playing the game.

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Frequently asked questions in the game Dicey Elementalist MOD

How to collect more cards?

You just need to try to pass the level and complete the daily tasks assigned by the system. When completed, the card will be sent directly to your in-game item bag.

What if I can’t download Dicey Elementalist MOD?

First, you must check if the download link is correct or not. If it still cannot be downloaded, contact the system for help.

Does the game cost money to maintain the account?

This is a free mobile game, so you can rest assured about the game fee. As long as your phone has enough battery, you can play all the time.

Download Dicey Elementalist MOD APK for iOS/Android phones now

Just follow the instructions of the shared article, you will definitely download Dicey Elementalist MOD to your phone for free. Let’s start downloading and experiencing this US-style game right now!

DOWNLOAD (118.74 MB)
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