DERE EVIL EXE Mod APK 2.8 (All Levels Unlocked)
DERE EVIL EXE Mod APK 2.8 (All Levels Unlocked)

DERE EVIL EXE Mod APK 2.8 (All Levels Unlocked)

By CBCC - January 15, 2022
Name DERE EVIL EXE - 2D Horror Game
Version 2.7
MOD Features All Levels Unlocked
Size 61MB
Requires Android 4.1
Category Adventure
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Price FREE
Publisher AppSir, Inc.
Update January 15, 2022 (2 days ago )

DERE EVIL EXE Mod is an adventure game. Designed in Retro style, combining 16-bit graphics. Open up many different spaces and environments. Revolving around the story of the character Knightly in his journey to overcome fear. At the same time perform a very important task. Save the world from the domination of a mystic. He used magical powers to create a terrifying world. Join the game, you will accompany the hero Knightly. Enter the world of magic, bet your life with challenges. Find a way out and destroy the terrifying world the mystic has created. A series of missions are waiting for you ahead. Show your skills, conquer challenges. Overcome your fear to achieve your goal.

Download DERE EVIL EXE Mod – Adventure in a Scary World

DERE EVIL EXE Mod game is a combination of adventure and obstacle course. With missions taking place in each level of play. Accompany the hero Knightly with 3 main skills, including moving left, right, and jumping. When double-clicking, jumping up will help the character jump higher. The hero’s skills are represented as arrow keys. You need a flexible combination of skills to safely overcome challenges. The gameplay of the game takes place in two directions. Can move forward or backward to perform actions. At the same time, it also incorporates puzzle elements. Difficult challenges, blocking your movement. Use intelligence and creativity to overcome. Continue the adventure until you reach the final gate. From there, the task is completed.DERE EVIL EXE Mod

Overcoming obstacles, the difficulty increases with each level

Start the adventure in DERE EVIL EXE Mod. Your mission is to overcome obstacles. Solve challenges that keep you from moving forward. Can take advantage of the surrounding objects. For example, push the rock to create an advantage, perform skills to overcome obstacles. Keep moving forward to reach the final gate. After completing the mission, you can go to the next level. The number of obstacles is not only more than before. The environment in which it takes place is also changed. Along with many other types of challenges that stand in the way. Especially the terrain of the environment will be changed, more dangerous. Put the hero Knight in danger. You can lose your life at any time. At the same time, new challenges will bring you a more interesting feeling.Game DERE EVIL EXE Mod

Location save location automatically, collect gold coins

In DERE EVIL EXE Mod losing lives is not the end. Because throughout the course of the adventure. Every time move to a certain stage. On the terrain will appear a location to save the location. As you scroll over, the location is automatically saved. Then, if unfortunately lost life. By hitting an obstacle or falling down a cliff. You will be returned to the last saved location to continue the journey. Besides, the gold coins appear at many different locations in the adventure. Try to collect as many as you can. From there, you will be able to use it for many different activities. However, sometimes, gold coins appear in dangerous locations. If you are not careful, you may lose your life immediately. Because not any gold coins can be collected.Download DERE EVIL EXE Mod

Retro graphics, sound

DERE EVIL EXE Mod’s graphics are built in the form of a classic Retro. Publisher AppSir designed 16-bit graphics with a variety of environments. Along with that, the Knightly character design is quite unique. Expressed in pixels, with the ability to move flexibly. In addition, the sound of the game is also very impressive. Classical soundtracks are reproduced throughout the gameplay. Combined with the actions of the character, create a musical melody of its own. This makes you feel more interesting. When can enjoy the feeling of adventure in an obstacle journey?Tai DERE EVIL EXE Mod

Advertising is one of the factors that interfere with your experience. Throughout the gameplay at DERE EVIL EXE Mod. There will be a lot of ads appearing during the adventure. This sometimes makes you feel uncomfortable. To work around this issue, the publisher provides a feature to disable ads. However, not free to use. Instead will have to pay to buy. From there, all ads will be permanently removed. Will never appear during gameplay.

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