Derby Life Mod APK 1.8.64 (Unlimited Money)

By CBCC - September 10, 2021
Derby Life Mod APK 1.8.64 (Unlimited Money)
Name Derby Life : Horse racing
Version 1.6.42
MOD Features Unlimited Money
Size 162MB
Requires Android 5.0
Category Sport
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Price FREE
Publisher Nexelon inc.
Update September 10, 2021 (2 weeks ago )

Derby Life Mod takes you back to the peaceful countryside. Nurture and care for the herd of horses, train speed, sprint, and endurance. Take your horse to participate in exciting races. Compete with many other horses from all over the world. Upgrade your horse to gain a higher speed. Win the horse race and get attractive rewards. At the same time, you can breed new breeds of horses, by combining two horses together.

Download Derby Life Mod – Train And Become A Professional Horse Rider

Derby Life Mod revolves around the story of the girl Squiggy. Leaving the busy life in the city, she returned to her grandfather in the peaceful countryside. Aquiggy’s grandfather had a large horse farm, so he decided to let her run the place. Transforming into Squiggy, every day you will have to do a lot of different jobs to take care of the horses. From nurturing, upgrading equipment, and training them to become powerful steed. After completing the training, you will accompany your horse to participate in the race. Many famous horse racers gather here, they have the best horses. If you want to win, you also have to control the flexible horse in the race.Download Derby Life Mod

Compete with many opponents, realistic road simulation

In addition to managing the horse farm, you also become a professional horse racer. You can check the health of the horse you train by participating in the race. Compete with many other opponents, surpass them, and reach the finish line as quickly as possible. However, your opponents are top horse racers. Possessing rich skills and experience, it is difficult for you to win. Besides, Derby Life Mod simulates extremely realistic horse racing. From the background, the environment to the audience’s yellow chants in the stands. Gives you a realistic racing feeling.Derby Life mod

Using Gallop

During the horse race, Derby Life Mod requires very high skills. After the signal starts, the horses will move forward. Your task is to observe the actual situation, use Gallop to help your horse overcome the opponent. Gallop is a galloping skill that helps the horse accelerate faster than normal. But it requires energy to use, which is stored during horse racing. At the same time in a race is divided into many different races. Each time you pass a race, energy will be added. You can choose the right time to use Gallop. For example, when approaching the finish line, quickly use a gallop to reach the finish line as quickly as possible.Derby Life Mod

Buy food and equipment for horses

After the end of the race, you will receive a bonus corresponding to your rank. Winning first place, you have the opportunity to receive a lot of valuable bonuses and gifts. Use bonuses to buy food for horses, help them gain experience to reach higher levels. Besides, Derby Life Mod has a lot of horse-specific equipment. Includes mask, saddle, foot cover, hoof cover, and rider helmet. Each item not only changes the appearance but also gives the horse more power. In addition to using money to buy, you also have to reach the required level. For each item of equipment, your horse must reach the corresponding level. In particular, equipment after upgrading can achieve higher stats.

Breeding New Horses

Derby Life Mod has a lot of different horse species. Each species will have impressive color and appearance. You can breed them to create a new horse. Train your favorite horse, join you in the next races. Each horse has its own stats including speed, acceleration, gallop, stamina, and agility. The higher the stat, the more efficient the horse’s racing ability, making it easier for you to win the race. Equip items that will increase the horse’s stats.Derby Life mod

Multiple race locations

Derby Life Mod opens a lot of different racing locations. Each location offers a variety of challenges for you to experience. Conquer all challenges to move on to the next race. The difficulty of the game also increases from there. At the same time, your opponent is also better than the previous challenges.

The graphics of Derby Life Mod are designed to be very realistic. Using 3D image quality, make players feel like they are racing in the real arena. As soon as you step into the track, you can see the extremely impressive scene. From the grass, the track, and the surroundings, everything is realistically portrayed. Inspired by actual horses, the game has been depicted in detail. In particular, the flexible movement of the horse gives you great excitement. Combined with quality sound, expressed through the sound of horses running, with cheers in the stands.

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