Deploy and Destroy APK 1.1.4
Deploy and Destroy APK 1.1.4

Deploy and Destroy APK 1.1.4

By CBCC - March 12, 2022
Name Deploy and Destroy: Ash vs ED
Version 1.1.4
MOD Features Damage
Size 55MB
Requires Android 5.0
Category Action
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Price FREE
Publisher AppsMinistry
Update March 12, 2022 (4 months ago )

From the first perspective of Deploy and Destroy Mod. You will become a gunman to participate in dramatic shooting wars. Fight with other players in real-time matches. Show off the skills of a professional shooter by destroying all the enemies. Achieve excellent results in a battle to increase your position on the leaderboard. The game belongs to the genre of action shooting games. Developer AppsMinistry provides many attractive features. To bring the best experience to players. Be immersed in the tense, suspenseful moments during the show. The diverse weapon system, lots of unique guns. Along with other types of personal equipment for use. Especially, the battle environment in the game is recreated in the form of realistic 3D graphics.

Download Deploy and Destroy Mod – Online Action Shooter War

To create the most dramatic wars. As well as the desire to bring a realistic experience to players. The publisher has built 3D graphics for the Deploy and Destroy Mod game. Thanks to the features of high-quality graphics. The game will recreate a more realistic battlespace than ever before. Realistic combat environment, recreating the surroundings extremely realistic. High-quality images, giving you the feeling of being immersed in the real battle. Not stopping there, the sound quality of the game is also very vivid. The sound of fighting in battles is very impressively reproduced. Intense gunfire from multiple waves of your attacks, as well as your enemies. Combining unique deadly effects, blood spray effect every time the bullet is fired at the enemy.Tai Deploy and Destroy Mod

Diverse gun system

For action shooter genres like Deploy and Destroy Mod. Weapons are an indispensable element for every player to use. As well as diversifying the fighting style to make the battle more attractive. Here, the game offers a huge weapon system. A variety of different guns for you to equip. It is possible to become a Sniper through the sniper rifle. An avant-garde shooter using rifles, automatic machine guns. Or use pistols for high mobility in close combat situations. Each gun is designed very realistically. From style to color. In particular, the ability of the gun is shown through the stats. Includes damage stats, range, size, and reload time. What’s more, you can also change the color of the gun through unique Skins.Download Deploy and Destroy Mod

PvP Online Mode

The battles in Deploy and Destroy Mod take place in a single mode. Through the online PvP mode, you can choose to play solo or as a team. Your enemies are professional shooters. Controlled by every online player in the world. In a single battle, you will have to be alone to compete with other players. Show your survival skills by destroying every opponent. Survive until the end of time, get excellent achievements to win. Engage in a team battle, the system splits into two factions. Your mission is to accompany the team members to attack the other side. After the time is up, the side with the highest number of kills wins. Also, get bonuses and loot.Deploy and Destroy Mod

Gameplay, battle process

The gameplay of Deploy and Destroy Mod is designed with open combat. Happening in real-time. From a first-person perspective, it is possible to observe everything around. Use the equipped gun. You can move freely on the battlefield. As soon as the enemy is detected, fire accurately. Quickly destroy them before being attacked. The battle lasted until the end of time. Based on the number of points achieved, if you have an excellent performance. Kill the most enemies. Will win with the top position. Then you can continue to enter new battles. Compete with many other online players. At the same time improve shooting skills, combat experience. Defeat every opponent in battles to show yourself.Game Deploy and Destroy Mod

Characters in Deploy and Destroy Mod can equip many different items. Includes main weapon, melee weapon, support tool, armor, armor boots. Each type of equipment has its own stats. In addition to weapons to increase attack damage. Equipping armor, boots will increase health and defense. Helps you increase your survival rate in fierce battles. Besides, support tools will sometimes help you escape death. A needle can heal and a grenade can create a large explosion. Or use the knife to attack in close combat situations. With high mobility, one can quickly finish the enemy.

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