Demon Blade Mod APK 2.030 (Menu, Immortal. Damage)
Demon Blade Mod APK 2.030 (Menu, Immortal. Damage)

Demon Blade Mod APK 2.030 (Menu, Immortal. Damage)

By CBCC - January 14, 2022
Name Demon Blade - Japanese Action RPG
Version 2.030
MOD Features Menu, Immortal. Damage
Size 203MB
Requires Android 4.4
Category Role Playing
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Price FREE
Publisher Garage51 Entertainment
Update January 14, 2022 (1 week ago )

Demon Blade Mod opens the fascinating RPG war. Role-playing as a powerful Samurai, you enter dramatic battles. With the mission to rescue Japan from the invasion of demons. Use the Katana sword in your hand as a combat weapon. Creates deadly slashes that completely destroy enemies. This is not only a war to protect Japan, it is also a battle to assert the strength of a samurai. Require the constant development of the warrior, improve the fighting ability to be stronger than other samurai. Show your strength by slaying monsters, win every battle.

Download Demon Blade Mod – Restore Peace to Japan by Defeating the Devil

The plot of Demon Blade Mod, developed by Garage51 Entertainment, is quite attractive. The setting opens in the country of Japan, which is considered the origin of the Samurai. A strange phenomenon occurred, causing the moon to fade and disappear in the dark. Right after that, the devil appeared, turning everything upside down. They turned Japan into a demonic world, everything inside fell into ruin. Transform into a Samurai warrior, carrying the responsibility on your shoulders. Your mission is to destroy the dark forces, save Japan from the invasion of evil. Defeat each enemy in turn with the Katana sword, staining its blood with deadly slashes. At the same time you can ally with other Samurai. Join them to fight to quickly bring Japan back to the light of peace.Demon Blade Mod

Turn-based gameplay, fighting the enemy

Demon Blade Mod’s battle is turn-based. You and the enemy will take turns attacking. This is a huge advantage for you to unleash the full strength of the warrior in each attack. Using the sharp Katana sword, you go into battle with an enemy. Use combat skills to create deadly slashes, Causing the enemy to consume a certain amount of health with each attack. The match only ends until one of the two sides is exhausted and has no fighting strength. Defeat each demon in turn, you will move on to the next battle. To fight with stronger enemies, possessing great strength and fighting ability. Makes you face a lot of difficulties in the process of fighting, even having to die. However, you can equip powerful weapons and armor.Download Demon Blade Mod

Make alliances, fight with other Samurai

Not only fighting alone, but you can also fight other powerful Samurai. By joining a clan or forming an alliance of your own. You will become a comrade of many Samurai warriors, accompanying them in fierce battles. Enter the Demon Blade Mod’s dungeon to challenge teamwork. Fight dangerous demons while facing powerful bosses. It possesses great strength, along with the ability to fight persistently. Requires you and your teammates to come up with tactics to achieve good results. Defeating the evil boss will help you and the Samurai get a lot of valuable items.Game Demon Blade Mod

Equip items to upgrade power

Enhancing combat power is one of the important factors for you to continue the fight with the devil. Samurai in Demon Blade Mod has 6 items for you to equip. Includes weapon, helmet, armor, arm armor, belt, and leg armor. Each item after equipping the character will increase the corresponding power index. Weapons, for example, increase damage per hit. Hats, shirts, and gloves will help the warrior increase health and defense. Equipping rare items will help Samurai gain strength and increase combat stats higher.

PvP mode, leaderboard

Join Demon Blade Mod’s PvP mode. Players get to fight other powerful Samurai. Show your strength with deadly slashes. Take turns defeating powerful warriors to rise to the online leaderboards. Win with dramatic matches that will get you on the leaderboard. At the same time, through online battles, you can improve the strength of the warrior. Simultaneously become a legendary Samurai with historic battles.Demon Blade Mod

The difficulty of Demon Blade Mod is gradually increased each time you win and move on to the next battle. The power of the devil increased from there. Make you encounter a lot of difficulties during the battle. However, winning with difficult challenges, you will receive a lot of valuable rewards. Legendary and epic items will increase your warrior’s strength. Besides, the game’s graphics are recreated medieval scenes. Gives you an exciting combat feeling in a unique fantasy space.

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