Defense Zombie World Mod APK 9.5 (God Mode, No ads)
Defense Zombie World Mod APK 9.5 (God Mode, No ads)

Defense Zombie World Mod APK 9.5 (God Mode, No ads)

By CBCC - January 11, 2022
Name Defense Zombie World
Version 9.5
MOD Features God Mode, No ads
Size 128MB
Requires Android 4.4
Category Role Playing
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Price FREE
Publisher Saturday2pm
Update January 11, 2022 (5 days ago )

Defense Zombie World Mod opens a scary Zombie world. Set in the devastated cities. Your mission is to fight with the Zombies to protect the city. By gathering the best hunters, lead them into battles. This is a role-playing game that combines team strategy. With open combat gameplay, taking place on many different levels. Join the game, you will be provided with many interesting features. The view from the top can observe everything around on the battlefield. Throughout the battle, will be supported by Lulu. A guide girl will help you know what task to perform next. Graphics, effects, environments are recreated in a post-apocalyptic fantasy world. Extremely cruel and harsh.

Download Defense Zombie World Mod – Survival Battle Of Zombie Hunters

The setting of Defense Zombie World Mod opens in the post-apocalyptic world. The appearance of a dangerous virus, causing the infected people to become Zombies. In just a short time, the outbreak of the virus spread to the whole world. Major cities were engulfed in flames, completely destroyed. All constructions turned to rubble. Those who were not infected with the virus were lucky to survive. But they have to face the attack, the pursuit of the zombies. Here, you become a Zombie hunter, lucky to survive the disaster. There is a mission to fight with the ghosts to protect the city. In the process, you will meet other hunters. Recruit them to assemble a powerful team of hunters. Lead them to fight to survive in the harsh world together.Defense Zombie World Mod

The process takes place in stages

The battle of Defense Zombie World Mod is based on the passing gameplay. Each battle has many different stages, taking place in real-time. Your mission is to lead the Zombie hunters to battle. Prevent zombie attacks. It will then continue to move to enter the next stage. Pass each attack in turn, by destroying all enemies. Entering the final battle, the hunters will face bosses. The Zombies are huge in size. Possessing superior attack power can produce high damage. In particular, the ability to defend is durable, has a huge amount of blood. Makes it difficult for hunters to fight. After defeating the boss in the final stage, you will complete the quest. Continue to lead Zombie hunters to participate in new battles.Game Defense Zombie World Mod

Many hunters, fighting power

Defense Zombie World Mod provides a diverse hunter system. Shown in the form of cards. Typically such as IronBat, GasBom, ShotGirl, DualGun, FireBet, Shoke, etc. Each hunter possesses a rich set of skills, with his own fighting style. Divided into 2 types, including melee attacks and ranged attacks. The power of the hunter is shown through the stats. Includes health, defense, damage, attack speed, skill cast speed, and range. Experiencing battles, hunters will gain experience to increase to new levels. When reaching a certain level, it is possible to learn a new skill. Besides, use the money earned after killing Zombie. You can upgrade the power of the hunter. From there will increase combat power, as well as the ability to survive in fierce battles.Download Defense Zombie World Mod

2 game modes

The battle of Defense Zombie World Mod takes place in 2 different game modes. Enter stage mode to fight waves of Zombie attacks. Your mission is to collect cards to lead the hunters. Open up new stage battles. Enter Battlenet mode, with gameplay taking place in a survival Battle Royale style. You will enter fast-paced online battles. Test the fighting power of the hunters to compete with the opposing team around the world. No matter which model you join, the mission you have to fight. Constantly upgrade hunters, while fighting according to a strategy. Use hunters appropriately for each battle. From there can defeat the enemy to complete the mission.Defense Zombie World Mod APK

Under the 3D graphics of Defense Zombie World Mod. Players will feel a cruel context. Battles take place in harsh environments. The flames burned around the buildings in the city. The ultimate combat effect is reflected in the attacks of the hunters. Combined with authentic sound quality. The sound comes from Zombie attacks. The sound of gunfire, flamethrowers, and melee combat activities. The sound will be changed flexibly, in accordance with the environment in which it is taking place. Along with the sound of victory after defeating the enemy, very exciting.

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