Deadroom Mod APK 5.3.14 (Free Shopping)
Deadroom Mod APK 5.3.14 (Free Shopping)

Deadroom Mod APK 5.3.14 (Free Shopping)

By thetoan - January 18, 2022
Name Deadroom
Version 5.3.14
MOD Features Free Shopping
Size 29M
Requires Android 4.4
Category Arcade
Get It On Google Play
Price FREE
Publisher AXGs Studio
Update January 18, 2022 (2 days ago )

Deadroom Mod is the most anticipated arcade game here. But make sure you are not a faint-hearted person to play this game. Although it is an arcade game, it is really dark with 25 levels of puzzle adventure that are both funny and daring. You will have to go through dozens of different challenges in the boxy environment and have to find the “exit” door somewhere at the end of the road. But saying that, it’s hard for you to imagine the difficulty of the game, you have to experience it for yourself to see how “fun” it is. Be ready and stay calm in any situation. Automated robots are always around, and if they spot you, they’re ready for a blast. But that is only part of the challenge of the game, many other pitfalls are waiting for you to discover and conquer.

Download Deadroom Mod – Fun but extremely difficult puzzle

If you are a lover of difficult puzzles to exercise your brain, you should not miss Deadroom. It makes you redefine what “difficult” is. Currently, this interesting game has also attracted more than 1 million gamers on Google Play. And this number is continuing to increase, proving the appeal of the game is indisputable. The game context is quite simple when it is built from basic square blocks plus outstanding colors as accents. The character also only has a strange stickman guy, like being inspired by aliens. However, the appeal of the game does not lie in the visible things. It comes from the pitfalls that you face throughout the puzzle levels of the game. You will have to admire the game maker for not hesitating to puzzle gamers in many dangerous situations. And really, only the best or hardest gamers (played over and over again) can conquer all levels of the game. So, you should try it too.


If you want to win, you have to move flexibly

Deadroom’s gameplay mechanism lies in the way the player’s character moves. It has up to 25 puzzle adventure levels and each level is a preset matrix with many pitfalls you can’t predict. To overcome those pitfalls, the solution is the way to move. It requires the agility, sophistication, and sensitivity of gamers to really master every situation.

In each level, the player’s task is to get to the exit to proceed to the next level. But the journey to this path has not been easy. Robots, rockets, death planes, lasers, and more will guard you. You will have to use your mobility skills and available tools to destroy those who stand in your way before you want to surpass them. You will have bombs (orange squares) and switches to launch an explosion you want. Make good use of them and put an end to the obnoxious robots in Deadroom Mod.


Embrace the principles of the enemy

It is quite difficult for you to get used to the game environment the first time you play. Therefore, it is normal to play over and over again on a level. Play until you really remember the game context, ie the arrangement of the pitfalls, then you can easily master your journey.

Aggressive robots are pre-programmed machines. They only move in a certain trajectory and only attack when you get close to them. So you can take advantage of this to place bombs on their moving trajectory. And then enjoy an explosion where the victim is not you. But besides robots, there are many other things you need to pay attention to. Note, your stickman can stick to the wall to move, take advantage of that.


Unlock many unique skins

Through the levels, you can accumulate rewards to unlock new skins for your character. For example, a stickman with striking blue hair or a super cool cowboy hat. Either get him a skeleton mask or even change his gender with blonde hair like a girl. There are many super cool skins to make your experience more vibrant. So don’t miss your loot at each puzzle level.

Simple but impressive graphics

If there’s one word to describe Deadroom’s graphics, it’s simple. Because it is built from basic square blocks combined with basic color games. However, with the black and white game context, the details really stand out for easy viewing and identification. Moreover, the game context changes through the levels, always creating a feeling of surprise and suspense every time you play. The stickman character design style is also quite personal, especially when combined with many different skins.

Deadroom Mod will be an attractive puzzle adventure game for gamers who love challenges. Join it to prove your intelligence and acumen in different exciting situations in 25 game levels. Try it and see how hard and fun it is. But don’t get mad and miss the experience midway.

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