Deadrite Hunt Mod APK 0.3.2 (Immortal)
Deadrite Hunt Mod APK 0.3.2 (Immortal)

Deadrite Hunt Mod APK 0.3.2 (Immortal)

By CMB - March 24, 2022
Name Deadrite Hunt
Version 0.3.2
MOD Features Immortal
Size 42MB
Requires Android 4.4+
Category Action
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Price FREE
Publisher OneTonGames
Update March 24, 2022 (2 months ago )

Deadrite Hunt will bring you to the bloody horror battle of the hunters. At one time, the dark door from the planet opened. The earth is in danger of being destroyed by the appearance of bloodthirsty animals. They have a horror appearance of many different shapes, attack people strongly. Equipped with many special weapons, crazy attacks with a large number. You will transform into the character as one of 4 heroes rushing to destroy the demons to save the world. All are professional soldiers using professional sniper rifles. Space immersed in the darkness of gray smoke increases stimulation for gamers who love adventure style. In the group are all online players, you will coordinate with each other in a good way to quickly destroy the enemy. Also, compete to see who is the best hunter.

Download Deadrite Hunt Mod – Fight to destroy youkai to save the world from the danger of destruction

The reason for calling the gameplay is multi-personality because players can participate in many different roles. You can be the hero who saves the world or become the villain who is the monster. Both sides have equal strength, winning or losing depends on the manipulation and skill of each player. That is the unique feature that makes Deadrite Hunt mod stand out from other action games. The 4 hunters all have different special abilities in combat that are set according to preferences. Using a common weapon is a sniper rifle. There is only 1 alien monster but combined with his kind to confront those who stop the dark conspiracy. A totem is being kept in a secret place that is what gives them impermanent power. And it is even higher when collecting blood and killing each human life. The battle was very tense, suspenseful every moment, Both of them fought hard to win their own. Try to join each character to experience the fun that the game brings.

Deadrite Hunt mod apk

Style play

Deadrite Hunt has simple gameplay. On the left screen will appear a joystick to adjust the direction. On the right are buttons to use attack skills. For professional soldiers, at the start, everyone will be provided with a gun. Players will shoot consecutively at the enemy to defeat him. If you are defeated by a monster, you will be locked in an iron cage on the spot for a few seconds. That’s the time to wait for your teammates to come to the rescue because they will always be there. If you die after 3 respawns, you have lost the game and will be redirected to the homepage. Always pay attention to the health of yourself and your teammates. Find their totem and destroy it, the hunter team will complete the task. On the contrary, on the monster side, just chase and attack, killing the professional team is the victory.

Deadrite Hunt mod


In Deadrite Hunt, there are 2 character classes between good and evil. Hunters are heroes representing peace. Includes male and female characters. Use the only weapon that is the gun to destroy the enemy. They have a large amount of powerful attack power. Therefore, team members must unite to help each other and fight for the common interests of mankind. There is only 1 monster but its strength is not ordinary. There are many different shapes and combat equipment to choose from such as Knives, swords, saws, etc. Or with a huge amount of blood, just a direct attack is enough to make it difficult for the enemy. Their movement is quite fast compared to the test team.

Graphics and sound

Deadrite Hunt was created in the context of the world being heavily destroyed, so the space became desolate. You will fight in the gray atmosphere, dark night. Sharp 3D images bring players into the battle, participating in a realistic way. The villains are created in a variety of shapes. The monster has a scary, monstrous, creepy appearance. There were no screams, only dramatic footsteps. The sound of gunfire echoed, and the clatter of weapons on impact. Thrilling background music creates concentration, sometimes you won’t know when you get caught up in the game.

Deadrite Hunt mod apk

Deadrite Hunt brings the drama with multi-dimensional gameplay. A new experience for players. Especially suitable for those of you who love fighting games that combine horror. Diverse characters, easy gameplay, unique sound images. You will be trained in sniper skills, fighting in unity, using your own wisdom to win. Those are the highlights that make this game so popular with many people. Download the gameplay now to join the battle for survival.

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