Dead Shell Roguelike RPG Mod APK 1.2.8571 (Unlimited Money, DNA)
Dead Shell Roguelike RPG Mod APK 1.2.8571 (Unlimited Money, DNA)

Dead Shell Roguelike RPG Mod APK 1.2.8571 (Unlimited Money, DNA)

By CMB - October 18, 2021
Name Dead Shell Roguelike RPG
Version 1.2.8570
MOD Features Unlimited Money, DNA
Size 68MB
Requires Android 5.0+
Category Action
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Price FREE
Publisher HeroCraft Ltd.
Update October 18, 2021 (6 days ago )

Action-related games always attract the attention of a large number of gamers. The engaging, dramatic, and engaging gameplay has helped Dead Shell Roguelike RPG gain a high position in the Mobile game market. You will be exploring the mysterious and scary dungeon space. There are many dangers and difficulties to overcome if you want to win. The places that you will go to are all in space. This place appears a lot of monsters, extremely scary aliens. Players need to have a fierce fighting spirit, a strong will to defeat them all. It is necessary to have a specific strategy and plan to destroy every opponent’s base. Gameplay using 16-bit graphics is not really quality. Many image details are also broken, making players feel uncomfortable.

Download Dead Shell Roguelike RPG Mod – Fight through the night

The space where you fight is mostly dark and dark. You will join 8 other players on a spaceship to fly into space. Dead Shell Roguelike RPG Mod will create the most favorable conditions for players to fight easily. Fully prepared to carry the most modern and quality weapons. Along with that are items that help your character recover energy when attacked by enemies. The deeper you go into their lair, the more dangerous and terrifying you will find. Collaborate with teammates to defeat enemies more easily. Support and help each other when in trouble. When monsters appear, you will immediately be taken to a completely new space. All information and stats of the enemy are displayed in full. This will help you find and choose the right weapons and equipment.

Dead Shell Roguelike RPG mod apk

Combat Weapons

The arsenal is diverse, extremely rich. This gameplay has a special feature that makes players feel extremely excited that no other game of the same genre has. That is the player who owns all weapons completely free. You will not need to spend money to unlock and buy the weapons you like. However, the system does not allow players to own everything too easily. Because of that, the battle will not be attractive and dramatic anymore. Complete the assigned system quests, conquer many dungeons.


Dead Shell Roguelike RPG Mod has quite easy gameplay, the difficulty is not too high. Players easily win by having the support and help of 8 teammates. But this won’t happen from the initial levels. You need to unlock more new characters. That is the teammate who will stand by and fight together in the next stage. Practice with them every day to be able to come up with the best tactics and fighting style. Equip your army with the most modern and powerful weapons and equipment. That way you will get a lot more wins.

Dead Shell Roguelike RPG mod apk


Many battles map for you to explore and experience with your teammates. Each place will have its own difficulty level, different number of monsters. Thousands of mazes you need to overcome and the number is constantly increasing over time. Constantly changing styles make sure you won’t get bored playing for hours. The map is designed quite delicately and fancy. Especially the dark and creepy dungeon space creates a realistic feeling for the player. Join the other crews to start an adventure journey, explore outer space right now.

Game Dead Shell Roguelike RPG mod


As I said at the beginning, this gameplay uses classic 16-bit pixel graphics that have been around for a long time. Players will experience a completely new style. Change everything else with today’s modern styles. However, modern weapons are designed relatively beautifully and in detail. The creatures are quite unique and fancy. I am sure there will be the appearance of many strange creatures that you have never seen them. Explore many different locations and dungeons. Facing the brown hooded boss at the end of the level, you will see this more clearly.

Dead Shell Roguelike RPG mod hack

For those of you who love action RPG titles, you can’t miss Dead Shell Roguelike RPG. Simple gameplay, low difficulty helps gamers relax mentally, get moments of great entertainment. Each stage is won, the system has incentive gifts. For players to strive to fight better in the next locations. Download Dead Shell Roguelike RPG Mod to conquer outer space challenges.

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