Dead Island: Survivors APK 1.0
Dead Island: Survivors APK 1.0

Dead Island: Survivors APK 1.0

By CBCC - March 12, 2022
Name Dead Island: Survivors
Version 1.0
Size 550MB
Requires Android 5.0
Category Action
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Price FREE
Publisher Deep Silver
Update March 12, 2022 (4 months ago )

Join the action game Dead Island: Survivors Mod. Your mission is post-apocalyptic survival. During the outbreak of the Zombie pandemic. The game is a combination of two elements, survival combat, and a strategic defense system. Play as a hero, possessing outstanding combat ability. You will have to participate in survival battles to protect the small village on the island. Prevent the onslaught of zombies. Through the hero’s fighting skills. A combination of defensive gun systems was placed at positions on the way of the Zombie attack. To bring the most attractive survival battles. The publisher has built sharp 3D graphics. Combine the vivid environment at the location on the island. Help you immerse yourself in the battles of the scary Zombie pandemic.

Download Dead Island: Survivors Mod – Defend the Village from Scary Zombie Attacks

Background of Dead Island: Survivors Mod opens on a small island in the vast ocean. After a pandemic caused by an outbreak of a virus on the island. The commoners infected with the virus became Zombies. Bloodthirsty zombies have a terrifying appearance. Always looking for life to attack. On the island still exists a small village. Now, you will have to play as a hero to protect the village. Build a defense of high-damage guns. Prevent zombie attacks. Do not let them move through the village gate to complete the quest. Each battle is extremely tense and fierce. With the appearance of many types of zombies with scary abilities. Sometimes, you will have to directly control the hero to intervene in the battle to attack.Game Dead Island Survivors Mod

Build a defense system, heroes support the attack

The gameplay of Dead Island: Survivors Mod takes place in a castle defense style. Incorporated open combat elements. Before starting the battle, you will observe the attack path of the Zombie. Use the money obtained to buy defensive weapons. Placed at any position on the attack path. After the battle begins. The zombies moved into the range of the defensive gun system. It will automatically attack continuously. In the process, you can keep an eye on what’s going on. In some situations it is necessary. Can control hero support attack. Use all combat skills to deal massive amounts of damage. Attack the zombies directly. By a flexible combination of the defense system and outstanding combat ability of the hero. From there can stop Zombie to protect the village.Dead Island Survivors Mod

Diverse defense gun system

Build defenses on the island with a variety of guns. Not only destroy many types of scary zombies. It also increases the variety of attacks. Can stop any kind of scary Zombie. At Dead Island: Survivors Mod you can choose from a variety of unique guns. Typically such as flamethrowers, machine guns, grenade launchers, etc., there are many other types of guns. Each gun is designed with an impressive design. Especially the ability to attack is not the same. Along with that, to unlock the weapons. It will cost some money. After placing at a location on the island. They will be fixed in place, even into new battles. The previous guns will not be lost. At the same time, you can unlock new guns to increase the diversity of the defense system.Download Dead Island Survivors Mod

Equip a variety of weapons for heroes

Not just a single hero. Dead Island: Survivors Mod possesses a diverse hero system. Through battles, discover new islands. You will unlock new heroes with more impressive fighting abilities. Along with that, each hero can change weapons. More than 27 unique weapons for you to discover. Each weapon has its own attack style and damage ability. For example Big Mama, Kris, Thrust Issues, Fire Starter, Lighting Striker, etc., many more. They are represented by strength indicators. Stats like damage, bonus damage, knockdown, and recharge. Along with that, each weapon has its own advantages and disadvantages. Through learning the details of each weapon. Combine the hero’s power, with a suitable weapon. Can be highly effective in battle.Tai Dead Island Survivors Mod

Complete missions on an island in Dead Island: Survivors Mod. You will continue to explore new islands. Face many scary Zombies. The ability to attack different will make the battle more dramatic and fierce. There are some types such as normal Zombies, moving quickly. Zombie spray poison, the advantage of a long-range attack. Zombies explode, when you destroy, their belly like a bomb. Automatically explodes to deal massive damage. There are many other types of scary zombies that will appear in the next islands.

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