Dead Cells Mod APK 2.4.14 (Menu, Shopping, Unlocked DLC)
Dead Cells Mod APK 2.4.14 (Menu, Shopping, Unlocked DLC)

Dead Cells Mod APK 2.4.14 (Menu, Shopping, Unlocked DLC)

By LMH - March 20, 2022
Name Dead Cells
Version 2.4.14
MOD Features Menu, Shopping, Unlocked DLC
Size 796MB
Requires Android 6.0+
Category Action
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Price FREE
Publisher Playdigious
Update March 20, 2022 (2 months ago )

Dead Cells Mod is a mobile action game that has been older than 3 years. Although the age is not very long, since the game’s release until now this gameplay has been warmly welcomed by the gaming community. The interesting thing that impresses and lingers deep in my memory is the storyline of the game. When you read the game title, it sounds pretty scary because it is a dead cell that has turned into green and slightly viscous mucus. And the special thing is that this mucus has the ability to regenerate humans, namely that it has parasitized in the body of a dead person and revives the cells in that person’s body. Make the body’s organs and functions work properly. That body was alive and functioning smoothly, like a person who had never died.

Download Dead Cells Mod – Action role-playing game against the dark forces

Dead Cells Mod throws you into a life-and-death battle with all the dangers in the world that always threaten your life anytime, anywhere. Become a warrior with a spirit of steel, an iron will, a mighty body determined to fight against evil, protect the peace for mankind. Control your character to move on the map, choose the appropriate matches to practice, get familiar with the gameplay. You will have a total of 7 different moves for each character, which makes you need to understand and understand the moves of each character to be able to maximize their power. Practice a lot to be able to use the skills and skills of the character well. Perform tasks, receive valuable gifts and use them as motivation to achieve higher goals.

 Dead Cells mod

Diverse gameplay changes unpredictably

Action game mixed with a bit of adventure has helped this game have more new things for players. There are 7 moves for 1 character when playing the game, you will change the moves so that you can destroy the enemy in the fastest way. Note: The moves also need a cooldown, you need to calculate a reasonable time to be able to launch great combos and attacks. Unique and exotic show your own style.

Discover the mysteries in the dungeon

Behind in the dark, dark dungeon is a secret treasure filled with many things that when you discover it, you will both feel happy and scared. During the exploration, you will find different weapons and different items. Instead of using the weapons that you are most proficient at, try to change the style and change the atmosphere by Equipped with new weapons. In turn, each door, you will meet enemies with different strengths, the higher the gate, the stronger the enemy will be. Hack Dead Cells You need to upgrade your weapon to a higher level, use items such as bombs, knives, health regen, etc. Carefully study the gates to pass easily, don’t let Your character dies because when you die you’ll have to start all over again.

game Dead Cells mod

Attractive gifts

Countless valuable rewards are waiting for you to get. When you destroy special enemies, pass the battle screen, you will receive mysterious powers with extremely special powers. Going up to higher levels will make it harder to pass the stage because the appearance of the enemy does not follow any logic at all. They appear randomly and change unpredictably. However, you will also be supplemented with powers that help you increase your strength. Especially every time you pass the battle, you will receive a bonus, accumulate a lot of money to buy higher-level equipment.

Rated as a rather difficult game to play on mobile because the enemy battles are so strong that you do not have enough weapons and equipment to destroy the enemy. We understand the difficulty of the player and have researched the Dead Cells Mod version. This version will be completely different from the regular version. You can buy anything you like for absolutely free. Owning all of the most powerful weapons in the game makes it much easier to go through the levels.

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