Dead 2048 Mod APK 1.5.5 (Coins, Items)
Dead 2048 Mod APK 1.5.5 (Coins, Items)

Dead 2048 Mod APK 1.5.5 (Coins, Items)

By CBCC - March 13, 2022
Name Dead 2048
Version 1.5.5
MOD Features Coins, Items
Size 91MB
Requires Android 4.1
Category Puzzle
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Price FREE
Publisher Cogoo Inc.
Update March 13, 2022 (2 months ago )

Dead 2048 Mod is a tower defense game. Belongs to the puzzle game genre, opens a story on a Zombie theme. The game is a combination of tower defense and jigsaw elements. Bringing you a whole new experience. Enjoy the feeling of fun, but also full of drama. Shown through the attacks of Zombie. Not like the puzzle games on the market that appear again. The publisher has built the gameplay of the game in a very unique style. More specifically, the game’s environment is recreated in a vivid 3D space. The images and backgrounds are very realistic. At the same time, the control operations, along with the jigsaw operations. Everything is done according to the touch and swipe control mechanism on the screen. This feature makes it easy to use.

Download Dead 2048 Mod – Build Tower Defense To Stop Zombie Attack

The story of Dead 2048 Mod opens in 2048. A surprise attack from Zombies puts the world in danger. They have dominated all the countries of the world. Is carrying out a plot to rule, turning the survivors into zombies. Through offensive operations to spread the virus, turn living people into Zombies. Now, you are the only one who can stop their plot. Through the attacks of Zombie to spread the disease. You will have to build a defense tower system to attack. Aim to destroy all the zombies trying to move. At the same time, build a biological laboratory to make medicinal herbs. From there, it is possible to save the world from apocalyptic catastrophes. As well as prevent the plot of Zombie.Dead 2048 Mod

The process goes on, tower merge

The gameplay of Dead 2048 Mod is a combination of tower defense and jigsaw. The scene unfolds on a land of 16 squares. Surrounded by a fence. Each square can build up a defensive tower. The zombies are brought by a car. They will move along the path outside the fence to enter the base. Your mission is to build defense towers to attack the zombies. Kill all enemies before they move into the base. At the same time continuously perform combined operations to upgrade the defense tower. By merging two identical towers to create a new tower. From there, it is possible to increase the tower’s greater damage capacity. The battle lasts until you build the laboratory. Or let the zombies enter the base.Game Dead 2048 Mod

Jigsaw puzzles, attack in batches

During the battle to stop the zombies of the game Dead 2048 Mod. After each jigsaw activity moves the squares. A new defensive tower will appear. Right after that, you need to find a way to merge them together. With the goal of constantly upgrading and merging to create new towers. Because Zombie attacks take place in waves. After a certain amount of time. The car will carry a new group of zombies. With each wave of attacks, their number would constantly increase. At the same time, their endurance is more durable than before. Withstands multiple attacks from defensive towers. Moreover, there will be new Zombies appearing. Their abilities are superior, making you face many difficult challenges.Tai Dead 2048 Mod

Tower defense system

Dead 2048 Mod provides a diverse tower defense system. These can be mentioned as wooden frame tower, warehouse tower, pillar tower, tunnel tower, large pillar tower. Or some towers have the ability to attack such as defense towers, large defense towers, pistol turrets. Large pistol turret, nuclear tower, research tower. Or the cannon tower, the large cannon tower, and finally the laboratory. Each type of tower has its own unique design. Along with different defensive abilities. Their damage stats deal with different Zombies. Through the puzzle, the operation to merge towers of the same type. You can create a new type of tower, which has more power. At the same time, it is possible to use collected gold coins to upgrade the defense tower system. From there, it will be easy to destroy Zombies to prevent their plots.Download Dead 2048 Mod

Battles to stop Zombie attacks in Dead 2048 Mod. You will face many different types of Zombies. With each wave of attacks, new zombies will appear. For example, in the first attack, there will be walking zombies. Move on to the second wave of attacks. Accompanying the pedestrians is a skeleton that likes to eat brains. The next attack in turn. There will appear zombies with more terrifying abilities and appearance. It can be mentioned as a zombie at the helm, who has the ability to explode. Or sneaky, vomit zombies and giants. Their abilities kept increasing each time the next attack took place.

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