Days After Mod APK 9.4.0 (Free Craft, Immortality, Dumb Enemy, Fast Travel)
Days After Mod APK 9.4.0 (Free Craft, Immortality, Dumb Enemy, Fast Travel)

Days After Mod APK 9.4.0 (Free Craft, Immortality, Dumb Enemy, Fast Travel)

By CBCC - July 29, 2022
Name Days After: Zombie Games
Version 9.4.0
MOD Features Free Craft, Immortality, Dumb Enemy, Fast Travel
Size 131MB
Requires Android 5.0
Category Games, Simulation
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Price FREE
Genre ,
Update July 29, 2022 (2 weeks ago )
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Days After Mod is a simulation game, powered by REACTGAMES STUDIO LIMITED. Bringing a survival style, bringing players into the post-apocalyptic era. Using weapons in your hand, you need to find ways to survive in a harsh environment.

Your enemies are Zombies, they are bloodthirsty and always looking for live prey. The war is not instantaneous, you need to take turns performing many different tasks to survive. Develop yourself and build strong structures, to make shelters.

Download Days After Mod – Join the fierce battle for survival

The setting of Days After Mod opens in a dark age. A strange virus appears, they make people become Zombies. With the rapid spread, mummies appeared everywhere. You are one of the lucky ones who survived the zombie rebellion. However, your girlfriend is not so lucky.

She was invaded by the virus and became a bloodthirsty Zombie. Role-playing as a character in the game, you need to find ways to survive and find a way to rescue your girlfriend. The journey will be extremely difficult, you will face a lot of dangers around. The effects of the external environment, along with the lack of food and water. It will make your journey much more difficult.

Days After Mod

Build shelters to avoid wild animals and Zombies

As soon as entering Days After Mod, players need to quickly gather materials to build a shelter. This is a very important thing because a lot of dangers are lurking around. With just a little carelessness or inattention, you will fall prey to zombies. In such an inhospitable environment, your enemies are more than just Zombies.

But there are also many wild animals, they will attack you at any time. So, in addition to building a solid house to protect yourself, you also have to perform a lot of other tasks. From finding wood to crafting weapons, it’s all up to you. At first, when you don’t have good materials, you can use the trunk to make weapons. They don’t have high damage but are enough to keep you safe in the beginning.

Game Days After Mod

The first day

In Days After Mod, the level is calculated in days. Every day, you will have to perform many different tasks. On the first day, you already have a bunch of tasks to do. With just building a complete house, you have dozens of different jobs. Starting to find a suitable location to build, until collecting wood for materials.

Work is increasing, you need to have healthy energy to work. So, in addition to collecting wood, you also have to find water and food to maintain life. You can even be self-sufficient, by growing some food crops around the house such as rice, corn, potatoes, etc. Combined with hunting wild animals in the forest, to find a better food source.

Tai Days After Mod

Facing Zombies and Wild Animals

As you expand your search, it’s time to start a string of days in danger. Not only facing the bloodthirsty Zombies but also having to defend the wild animals in the forest, they come more and more. They are attracted to the abundant food source inside your house. Without a strategy or method, the Zombies and wild animals will attack the house and steal your food source. You will even face death when attacked by them.

Graphics, sound

Days After Mod is designed with realistic graphics. Players will enter a harsh survival environment. Facing danger are Zombies and wild animals, along with the search for food and water. Flexible character creation, agile movement, along picking and grasping activities are clearly depicted. Besides, the sound is not lively and there is no background music. Instead, there are footsteps or sounds that come out when you perform an activity. That plays out realistic survival gameplay that requires you to work with a plan.

Download Days After Mod

Joining Days After Mod you will experience a battle for survival. Facing countless dangers, along with external factors, will make your life even more difficult. To be able to survive, you need to gain experience and get stronger. Faced with difficulties and challenges, players need to stay calm and find a solution. Along with being vigilant, protect yourself from the attack of Zombies and wild animals.

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