Dance School Stories Mod APK 1.1.30 (Unlimited Tickets/Items)
Dance School Stories Mod APK 1.1.30 (Unlimited Tickets/Items)

Dance School Stories Mod APK 1.1.30 (Unlimited Tickets/Items)

By thetoan - January 18, 2022
Name Dance School Stories
Version 1.1.30
MOD Features Unlimited Tickets/Items
Size 58M
Requires Android 6.0
Category Role Playing
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Price FREE
Publisher Crazy Labs by TabTale
Update January 18, 2022 (1 day ago )

Dance School Stories Mod is an exciting role-playing game that brings you to epic stages. You can be anyone with a strong passion for arts like dancing, dancing, singing, and more. With your efforts, you can become a celebrity and get everyone’s attention every time you step on the stage. You can wear gorgeous outfits and show off your dancing talent anytime, anywhere. Besides, interesting love stories outside the stage also make you pay attention. Learn how to become a professional dance student and solve any problems on your career path. Someone is gossiping about you, someone cheating on you? How will you handle it?

Download Dance School Stories Mod – You are a rising star

Dance School Stories is a game from the famous publisher Crazy Labs by TabTale. It is inspired by classic art, which is dance. Dance is not an easy subject and it is not really popular with people around the world. However, this game knows how to lead gamers into an experience that is both intimate and engaging. So you will easily approach the game from the very beginning, even attracted to it. You will be a girl who has just been selected to the prestigious dance school and must learn to live here. Not only have to learn to dance and participate in performances, many school stories, and complicated relationships are also worth exploring. So, take on the role of a schoolgirl created by yourself and decide your fate at this school. Fame or death, that’s for you to decide.


Dance rehearsals and performances

Coming to Dance School Stories, players can choose their favorite subjects, such as hip hop, ballet, or Latin dance. Each subject will have its own requirements and attractions, suitable for the personality of many gamers. For example, if you are a cool girl, you should choose hip hop to show vibrant and energetic dance moves. On the contrary, if you are a gentle girl, you will like the ballet style, the dances are flexible and smooth. The choice of subject also greatly affects your experience later. So it’s best to choose according to your preferences.

After choosing a subject, you will have to participate in training classes every day. There will be teachers and school inspectors to guide and check students’ levels regularly. However, learning dance is also quite simple. You will watch the teacher perform the dance moves, then click to select and repeat the moves in the correct sequence. Simple as that. But the dance moves are described in great detail and the characters when dancing are also very charismatic and flexible. It makes you feel like you are participating in a real ballet class. A virtual experience that is like the real thing, that’s what makes the game attractive.

After a certain number of levels, players will have to participate in performances to evaluate. You will choose your favorite dance moves and the character will automatically appear on the stage. You just need to look to enjoy, or like, add shimmering color effects to each move to add more vibrancy to the performance.


Story off stage

Besides the dance training program, Dance School Stories Mod will give you some real challenges. Can you guess what that is? Those are quite interesting stories about school love. One of the hottest guys in school has noticed you, the girl who just passed the school. He has asked you about a gig with him at an upcoming show. What do you see? Do not rush to accept because he may already have a girlfriend, a beautiful and talented schoolgirl in your dance class. She will challenge you to a dance battle to compete and prove herself. So who will win in this exciting challenge? The answer is for you to decide. You can accept the challenging challenge and practice to unlock many new impressive dance moves. Winning will bring you fame, and of course, it will change your career.


Sweet images, diverse backgrounds

Dance School Stories makes female gamers truly immersed in the animated world that is both sweet and close. The characters are carefully designed in terms of appearance with a system of accessories and super diverse clothes. Besides, the game context is also very rich, including the practice room, performance stage, schoolyard, and more. Background music is always cheerful and lively, making your experience always full of energy.

Dance School Stories Mod will be an attractive choice for anyone who is passionate about dance, especially girls. You can take part in real dance classes and pass challenging exams. But it’s your success, so it’s really worth it. Also, don’t miss the chance to discover interesting school stories and express your love views.

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