Cyber ​​Surfer Mod APK 4.2.8 (Menu, VIP, Item, Music, Immortal)
Cyber ​​Surfer Mod APK 4.2.8 (Menu, VIP, Item, Music, Immortal)

Cyber ​​Surfer Mod APK 4.2.8 (Menu, VIP, Item, Music, Immortal)

By CBCC - April 28, 2022
Name Cyber Surfer: EDM & Skateboard
Version 4.2.8
MOD Features Menu, VIP, Item, Music, Immortal
Size 83MB
Requires Android 5.0
Category Music
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Price FREE
Publisher Badsnowball Limited
Update April 28, 2022 (1 month ago )

Cyber ​​Surfer Mod opens a world of lively music. Here, you become a warrior, in the style of Cyberpunk. Surfing on a skateboard in the dark. Use a laser weapon in your hand, with the task of slashing luminous objects. Find the way out of the confined space. Throughout that journey, you will enjoy the music. Through each bright object when using a laser weapon to slash. From there will create musical notes for the song you are playing. The game belongs to the genre of the music game, which combines adventure elements. Takes you into the music playing screen according to many different songs. Takes place in a 3D space, with many vivid scenes. Promises to help players be immersed in the fascinating music wars.

Download Cyber ​​Surfer Mod – Surfing In The Dark To Slash Glow Objects

The gameplay of Cyber ​​Surfer Mod is quite simple. Similar to other music games. Instead of jogging, the character will now surf on a skateboard. Each level takes place in a dark space. The same appearance of luminous objects, with various colors. Based on the color of the laser sword, you need to slash at glowing objects of the corresponding color. Accordingly, the skateboard that the character uses will also release smoke with the same color as the laser sword. In each war, the music has reproduced a song. Each glowing object is a musical note. To get out of the dark, you need to perfect the song. By accurately slashing luminous objects, not a single object is missed.Download Cyber Surfer Mod

Simple controls, flexible skills

Cyber ​​Surfer Mod’s control system couldn’t be easier. To be able to control the character to surf in dark space. You just need to touch and hold on to the screen. Then scroll left, right. When approaching a glowing object, the character will automatically slash. Create each melody of the song in turn. By interacting with luminous objects. Until you complete a piece of music, your task will be completed. In general, the control mechanism is quite simple. Even if you are a new player, you can get acquainted right from the start. However, to be able to overcome the challenges. Requires control skills to be flexible. Precisely slash at glowing objects of the same color as a laser sword. Combination of quick observation and reflexes. Handles a variety of situations that arise, for example when changing scenes.Cyber ​​Surfer Mod

Difficulty depends on each track

In the process of playing the music screen of Cyber ​​Surfer Mod. The difficulty of the game depends on the melody of the song. Fast and slow tempo will be changed based on each tune. Along with that is the footage that will be changed when it comes to a certain stage. This is also the biggest challenge, causing you many difficulties. Because after each scene transition, the color on the laser sword will be changed. This means you will have to slash another glowing object. Especially at the transition to a new stage. The color of the laser sword changes randomly. If you don’t handle it quickly, it can be very easy to slash or miss. Not stopping there, sometimes luminous objects even shrink. Requiring your control skills to be precise.Game Cyber Surfer Mod

Achievements, collect golden keys

The achievements of each music war in Cyber ​​Surfer Mod are shown by the number of stars, up to 3 stars. Through the number of points gained in the course of the battle. Each object that glows when interacting will increase the number of points. The more luminous objects interact, the higher the score. Also, collect golden keys during the game. Up to 3 golden keys can be collected per battle. They appear at various stages during the skateboarding process to interact with luminous objects. After the battle is over, you can use the key to open the chests. There is a chance to get a lot of diamonds. From there it is possible to unlock new weapons and mobility devices.Cyber Surfer Mod

Cyber ​​Surfer Mod offers a variety of weapons. For example a laser sword, a pan, a fish, a 7-color lollipop, even a chicken, many more. Each weapon type creates its own interactive effect. Besides, you can also change the appearance of the character. Through costumes with many new styles. Along with that are unique skateboards. They can achieve faster glide speeds. As well as the effect created is very impressive. However, to be able to unlock the desired equipment. It will take a huge amount of money. You need to accumulate through each musical battle, achieving excellent achievements. Only then can the lock be unlocked.

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