Cuties Mod APK 11.7.243 (Unlimited Rewards)
Cuties Mod APK 11.7.243 (Unlimited Rewards)

Cuties Mod APK 11.7.243 (Unlimited Rewards)

By CBCC - May 9, 2022
Name Cuties
Version 11.7.243
MOD Features Unlimited Rewards
Size 75MB
Requires Android 4.4
Category Puzzle
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Price FREE
Publisher Celtic Spear
Update May 9, 2022 (2 weeks ago )

Cuties Mod takes you to a world of hairy creatures, called pretty babies. Explore their habitat in a fun world. Every beautiful baby always strives and does not give up in the face of difficulties. They always have a goal of improving themselves every day. Revolving around the lives of hairy creatures. You will know their resourcefulness and logical thinking in daily activities. Facing difficult puzzles, and interesting challenges. In a way, every pretty baby’s life revolves around puzzles. They always follow the rules, as well as dream of their own stories. Join the game, you will be immersed in the dream world of hairy creatures. Discover interesting things through puzzle levels.

Download Cuties Mod – Explore the World of Furry Creatures

The gameplay of Cuties Mod is played in a match-3 puzzle style. With items revolving around plant varieties. Like mushrooms, leaves, sunflowers, mangosteen, and lotus leaves. At each puzzle level, your task is to collect the required items. Match 3 or more items of the same type to collect. Combos can be created by combining more than 3 items at the same time. Collect enough of each type of item that the system gives in each level. Completing the mission, you will receive gold and gems. Continue to step into new match-3 puzzle levels. The difficulty of each challenge is also increased. The arrangement of loose items is more garbage. As well as there are many different types of items mixed together. Making it difficult for you to create combos to collect multiple items at once.Cuties Mod

Hundreds of levels to play

Cuties Mod provides players with hundreds of different match-3 puzzle levels. At each level of the game, you will need to develop your puzzle-solving ability. Observe and choose the most suitable item to be able to create impressive combos. Not only that, sometimes there are some levels that are occupied by rocks. Make the range for you to pair items limited. As well as hindering you from collecting the items that the system requires. By creating combos, you can get bombs. After using the bomb by combining it with the corresponding item. You can create an explosion, causing the separating rocks to break. From there, there will be more places to store items. Also makes it easy for you to do puzzle quests to collect items.Game Cuties Mod

Redecorate the creature’s house

The home of hairy creatures is located in a giant tree trunk. However, the items inside were broken and damaged quite a lot. You need to decorate and rebuild their abode. At Cuties Mod, there are many items that need to be replaced. Includes mirror, door, carpet, cabinet, vase, window, clothes rack. Get the money earned from the puzzle levels. You can buy old items in the creatures’ house. Help them have a better place to live, with brand new replacement items. Not only that, in the process of improving the habitat of the creatures. You can learn more about their daily life.Ear Cuties Mod

3D graphics, effects, and sounds

The game is designed on the basis of sharp 3D graphics. With carefully crafted image quality. Along with a lot of bright colors used. Help players have an extremely interesting experience space. In each puzzle game of Cuties Mod. Players also enjoy the eye-catching effects of combos when pairing items. The explosions of firecrackers create a very beautiful effect. Combined with the shape of hairy creatures, with funny, funny expressions. Mix quality sound, with fun tunes.Download Cuties Mod

Don’t just participate in puzzle levels to collect items in Cuties Mod. Sometimes, you also have to participate in the screen to rescue the beautiful baby from the snow. Puzzle items to save creatures trapped in the snow. Surrounded by pine cones, they are like a fence to trap creatures. Use cannons, even bombs that appear in the puzzle game. Create explosions to destroy ice sheets and pine cones. After successfully rescuing the trapped creatures. You will complete missions and earn a lot of gold and gems.

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