Critical Strike: Offline Game Mod APK 1.0.52 (Unlimited Money)
Critical Strike: Offline Game Mod APK 1.0.52 (Unlimited Money)

Critical Strike: Offline Game Mod APK 1.0.52 (Unlimited Money)

By CBCC - January 10, 2022
Name Critical Strike: Offline Game
Version 1.0.51
MOD Features Unlimited Money
Size 36MB
Requires Android 4.4
Category Action
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Price FREE
Publisher Gunfire Game
Update January 10, 2022 (1 week ago )

Critical Strike: Offline Game Mode is an offline FPS shooting game. This is an action game, combining role-playing elements. You will become a gunman to participate in the wars. From a first-person perspective, show the skills of a professional assassin. Takedown enemies with counter-terrorist missions. Or become a bandit, slaughter every target with the equipped gun. The game belongs to the offline game genre, you can experience it anywhere. No need to connect to a network or Wifi can still participate in fierce battles. Along with an intuitive, simple control mechanism. Just tap, swipe, aim and shoot. Combines high-quality 3D graphics, impressive effects, along vivid environments. Bringing you the most realistic shooting wars.

Download Critical Strike: Offline Game Mod – First Person Offline Shooting Game

The mission system of Critical Strike: Offline Game Mod takes place according to each level of play. Each level is a shooting battle between you and enemy forces. There are specific requirements you need to fulfill. At the same time, the environment changes continuously through each battle. Your mission is to defeat the required number of enemies. After that will receive a bonus, corresponding to the achievement achieved. Continue to the next level. The difficulty will be increased every time you step into a new level. Not only the number of enemies that need to be destroyed is more. And their fighting ability has also improved. Pass each level in turn. Conquer the challenges with your shooting ability. From there, you will become a professional shooter, with an impressive record of achievements.Critical Strike Offline Game Mod

The course of action, combat skills

During the battle of Critical Strike: Offline Game Mod. You fight alone, without teammates to support you. You can only rely on your own skills. To be able to take down enemy forces in battles. You need to observe the surrounding terrain. Move flexibly on the battlefield. Quick reflexes, intelligent handling of dangerous situations. Take advantage of the terrain, hide behind objects. Dodge enemy attacks while surrounded. Combine shooting skills, aim accurately. Then fire the bullet, causing the enemy to die before your gun. As each level plays out, you need to improve your combat experience. Improve your shooting skills to be able to face more professional enemies in the next battles.Game Critical Strike Offline Game Mod

The weapon system, features of each type

Critical Strike: Offline Game Mod provides a diverse weapon system. With a lot of guns with unique attack abilities. They are divided into 4 types including pistols, AK guns, sniper rifles, and rocket guns. Each gun has its own fighting style. Possesses stats such as damage, range, number of bullets, and rate of fire. At the same time, each type of gun has its own advantages and disadvantages. You need to learn carefully to be able to use it effectively. For example, handguns and AK guns are highly mobile. Can attack flexibly in close combat situations or from close range. In contrast, sniper rifles have the advantage of attacking from a distance. Can kill enemies with a single bullet, if hit in the head. Finally, the rocket gun, capable of creating a large explosion, deals extensive damage.Download Critical Strike Offline Game Mod

Online game modes

Although Critical Strike: Offline Game Mode is an offline game. But still, the publisher Gunfire Game supports online game mode. Here, you can fight other players in 5 different modes. Includes team mode, between terrorist forces and counterterrorism forces. Mode one for all, the rules are quite simple, kill or be killed. Bomb disposal mode, between terrorist bombing units and bomb-defusing forces. Private room mode can invite friends to join a common room. Compete in real-time combat or team up in team battles. Finally the custom mode, you can create a fight in your own style. From changing the rules of the game to choosing a battle map.Tai Critical Strike Offline Game Mod

From the first-person perspective of Critical Strike: Offline Game Mod. Combine graphics designed on a sharp 3D background. The environment is very realistic. Shown through very realistic animation quality. With impressive shooting effects, you can observe the bullet’s flight path. Not stopping there, the character’s movements are flexible. Although looking at it from a first-person perspective. But you can still feel the ability to move very smoothly. In addition to graphics, the sound is also reproduced very realistically. The sound is represented by gunfire. A voice from the system every time you kill an enemy. Interspersed with the sound of footsteps moving on the battlefield.

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