Critical Ops Mod APK 1.27.0.f1575 (Menu, ESP, Ammo, Weapon)

By CBCC - September 15, 2021
Critical Ops Mod APK 1.27.0.f1575 (Menu, ESP, Ammo, Weapon)
Name Critical Ops
Version 1.26.2.f1529
MOD Features Menu, ESP, Ammo, Weapon
Size 77MB
Requires Android 5.0
Category Action
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Price FREE
Publisher Critical Force Ltd
Update September 15, 2021 (1 day ago )

Critical Ops Mod brings you back to the classic shooter genre with a first-person perspective based on the famous game Counter-Strike. Games developed by Critical Force Ltd do not build games to pursue the market. But creating a somewhat nostalgic game and shooting genre has rained for a while. Unlike today’s shooters, there are improvements in many things, not just the actual weapons and equipment. But it simulates everything from characters to storylines that weapons don’t really exist. But the Critical Ops Mod game is special, so compared to shooting-style games now, it is thanks to that feature, in the way of shooting in the past. Everything in the game is built based entirely on reality.

Download Critical Ops Mod – The Endless Gun Battles

Join the game Critical Ops Mod is to participate in constant battles with many different players. Choose for yourself a character with a weapon to put yourself in gunfights to destroy the enemies in your way. Calculate your specific strategies before attempting to attack any opponent. If not, you will have to exchange with your whole life, if you find yourself being attacked, just react quickly to find a cover and then raid again. Using the terrain of the match, the advantage of the weapon is that you are very fierce to be able to destroy many certain people that survive until the end.Critical Ops Mod

Critical Ops Mod as well as a number of other shooters are designed in the classic gameplay, popular with two modes. Deathmatch started with a free-play combo with a team divided by five. To win in this mode, team coordination is essential not to attack individually. Develop a plan to set up traps to destroy your opponent’s team. Placing bombs will be divided into two different factions, the party that placed the bomb is the bad guy and the side looking for the bomb removal will be the police. Destroying the party’s plan to destroy all the bombs will become the winner.Game Critical Ops Mod


It can be seen that the Critical Ops Mod game has a whole arsenal of weapons. It is designed with a variety of guns that contain almost all the popular guns used in the world. All of them are designed with damage rate properties based on actual data. A whole weapon system exists for you to choose the right gun to join the fight. From pistols like pistols to rifles that have massive damage to super fast ammo. There are also extremely powerful weapons such as Bom, … Enough for you to choose the right weapon to fight to destroy the enemy, each match scores many points.Dowload Critical Ops Mod

Graphics, Sound

Hack Critical Ops has gone after many other shooters. So it was developed and optimized much more, but the graphics are not inferior to any game. Each image is still very sharp to give the player the best feeling. The effect of the game is not done through the speakers, but also meticulously built but the capacity is saved a lot. The full build sound for each gun when fired has a different sound, though only slightly changed. The game is best perfected to have no problems playing, for the game to run smoothly.Tai Critical Ops Mod

Critical Ops Mod has a feature that is much more superior to the original, which is the Unlimited Ammo Mod. Game wherein mortal battles with popular weapons are your ultimate gun. Then the fact that the gun can be used to attack would have to give it ammo but each magazine could only fire a certain amount. But when you are fighting there will be times where you will run out of ammo in just a few seconds you can be destroyed. But if the number of ammo is no longer limited then it will be beneficial in battles a lot. It will decide your victory and defeat, keep firing continuously, not giving the opponent a chance to respond without full ammo.

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