Criminal Desires Mod APK 2.1.11 (Unlock Premium choices)
Criminal Desires Mod APK 2.1.11 (Unlock Premium choices)

Criminal Desires Mod APK 2.1.11 (Unlock Premium choices)

By CMB - March 12, 2022
Name Criminal Desires
Version 2.1.11
MOD Features Unlock Premium choices
Size 83MB
Requires Android 5.0+
Category Simulation
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Price FREE
Publisher Genius Inc
Update March 12, 2022 (3 months ago )

Join Criminal Desires to become a professional spy specializing in arresting criminals. Faced with dangerous, reckless people, you must be cunning. Always be alert, do not give them the opportunity to harm you. The plot of the gameplay is quite attractive. This is also the strength of the game that gives players great and attractive feelings. In dramatic matches, you will rely on the traces that the system provides to track down criminals. The allotted time in the initial levels is quite comfortable. Not too tight to help players relax, more comfortable. There are many people who are also playing this gameplay, you can connect with them through online mode. To be able to work together on missions, investigate cases, track down criminals. Make them suffer the penalties prescribed by law.

Download Criminal Desires Mod – A talented detective catches all the most dangerous criminals

At the beginning of the game, you will combine with another teammate to explore. Criminal Desires Mod will make important requirements and tasks for you to perform on the game screen. Infiltrating the base of the criminal needs to be very careful. Always carry modern weapons, protective armor in person. However, you must not let this come out. Because it will make the enemy suspicious, knowing you are an insider. Use modest clothing and clothing. To be able to cover all the guns and swords that you are hiding in your body. Control all activities and developments of the game. When there is an opportunity, immediately, together with teammates, immediately catch the criminals. Choose the appropriate voice to communicate with the enemy. Transform the original sound into a novel voice that makes it impossible for criminals to detect. Based on the data,

Criminal Desires mod

Style play

Criminal Desires Mod has quite a difficult gameplay, not easy to conquer at all. Face the most dangerous criminals on the planet. They have cruel, fraudulent behaviors you can’t anticipate. All activities have been calculated, circumventing the law extremely discreetly. There’s no opening for us to get in. However, with your talents and special abilities, you should plan and go the right way. This process cannot be done quickly and unsatisfactorily. If you only need to hurry a little bit, criminals will be suspicious and pay more attention to you. It will be very difficult to win this game.

Criminal Desires mod

Right decision

Facing difficult situations. You need to have calculation, observation, wide vision. To make the final decision that is correct, accurate, and most appropriate. The opponent is not simple, easy to catch 1 at all. Read all the information about the criminal gang the system provides. Find evidence and grounds to prove that they are violating the law. To be able to send the army to arrest, escort to prison, and be punished according to regulations. Calculate everything in the most thorough and accurate way.

Criminal Desires mod hack

So many mysteries

Gameplay contains countless mysteries, hidden behind the dark. Hard to detect in a short time. To understand better, the player must conduct an investigation. All your activities, action plans also need to be kept confidential. Don’t let the opponent take the next step you will do. Players do not know what will happen next. Smart decision to find out the truth behind it. Because only the wrong things, violations must be hidden, not for everyone to know. That is also the task you need to complete.

Dramatic graphics and sound

During my experience, I found the gameplay to have relatively good graphics quality. The basic visuals look like cartoons. If you’ve ever watched the famous detective Conan, you’ll see the similarities. The image of the character appears quite sharp and realistic. The expressions and actions show bold professional inspection. Along with that are high-quality sound effects, background music creating more drama and suspense for players.

Criminal Desires mod apk

The ending in these levels you can choose by yourself, decide easily. The character’s life is up to you to decide. Complete the tasks assigned by the system, you will get a satisfying ending, you will feel satisfied. On the contrary, if the criminal discovers that you are the inspector who is sneaking in to find evidence, arrest them. Surely you will encounter a lot of dangers, criminal gangs will split up to search and destroy them. Be careful, don’t let this happen. Download Criminal Desires Mod to solve all the most dangerous and difficult cases.

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