Crash Bandicoot Mod APK 1.160.31 (Menu, Immortality, High Jump)
Crash Bandicoot Mod APK 1.160.31 (Menu, Immortality, High Jump)

Crash Bandicoot Mod APK 1.160.31 (Menu, Immortality, High Jump)

By CBCC - December 18, 2021
Name Crash Bandicoot
Version 1.160.31
MOD Features Menu, Immortality, High Jump
Size 98MB
Requires Android 5.0
Category Action
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Price FREE
Publisher King
Update December 18, 2021 (1 month ago )

Crash Bandicoot Mod is an action game, with a racing style. Here, publisher King will take you on exciting adventures. Your task is to control the character skillfully and overcome all obstacles on the way. The game has a bold adventure style, taking you to a mysterious land, and many wild locations. Moreover, you not only have to race against time but also have to protect the universe from the henchmen of Dr. Neo Cortex. During the quest, build and upgrade your base.

Download Crash Bandicoot Mod – Join the Crash Bandicoot And Coco Race

Coming to Crash Bandicoot Mod, players will be able to participate in an endless race with two characters, which are Crash Bandicoot and Coco. Cross dangerous roads, explore mysterious lands, with the goal of defeating the forerunner Neo Cortex. Control the character to perform skills to overcome obstacles in front of you such as running, rotating, jumping, and breaking objects. In any case, you should always put safety first. On the track, there will be many challenges, as well as obstacles that want your footsteps to stop. So, move wisely and observe from afar to avoid all dangers. At the beginning of the adventure, you will have no choice but to keep running. Therefore, try to conquer all roads and achieve the highest achievement.Download Crash Bandicoot Mod

Control the character and collect peaches

Starting the adventure, Crash Bandicoot Mod opens a colorful path, behind which there are many challenges waiting. Players will control the character by touching and swiping on the screen. Use skill to jump or spin, even smash obstacles, to keep your character safe. The adventure is very fast-paced and will increase over time. During the race, do not forget to collect the islands, they appear everywhere on the track. Using those peaches will help you upgrade your base.

Diverse maps, rare resources

Crash Bandicoot Mod gives players a diverse map system. That makes your race even more interesting. With so many famous lands and new places, make your adventure even more attractive. Especially the Wumpa Islands, this is a large land with many attractive places. Typically like the turtle forest, the ruins of an ancient temple, you can even adventure on the dangerous ice and snow. Each map contains a lot of valuable resources, you will have a chance to find them. For example shell fragments, poppy flowers, nitrogen mushrooms or some alpha parts, etc., there are many other valuable resources. Collect them, you can upgrade or exchange them for trophies.Crash Bandicoot Mod

Build your own base

A base is a place for you to hide and live after each race. Along with lots of activities going on, giving you an unforgettable experience. Using the money earned after completing the race, you can upgrade and build the base to become more modern. then, you can carry a variety of equipment and weapons to attack the enemy. They are improved in strength and have higher attack power. In particular, Crash Bandicoot Mod allows you to build your own base and design in your own style. To keep the hiding area safe and fully equipped. So try to complete the task in the best way and collect as many resources as possible. Use them to design and build a safe haven.

Fight with the enemy

In the race of Crash Bandicoot Mod, you will have to face a lot of dangers. This is not just a regular race, it is also a fight with the enemy. Enemies will appear everywhere, they will attack you at any time. So use ready-made weapons and focus on destroying them as quickly as possible. Not only a few names, they always appear in a swarm and will constantly attack so you have to stop. So, in addition to dodging obstacles, you have to fight the enemy before they knock you down on the track.

Besides, Crash Bandicoot Mod takes you to extremely attractive races with teammates. You can participate in team mode and invite your friends to be your teammates. Join them in races and show off your skills. You can even solo with another team to see which team has the best results. What’s more, you will have a chance to get a lot of trophies. In addition, the player can change the appearance of his character. By choosing more novel outfits.

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