Crack Shooter Mod APK 1.7.6 (Unlimited Money)
Crack Shooter Mod APK 1.7.6 (Unlimited Money)

Crack Shooter Mod APK 1.7.6 (Unlimited Money)

By CBCC - December 18, 2021
Name Crack Shooter
Version 1.7.6
MOD Features Unlimited Money
Size 55MB
Requires Android 5.0
Category Action
Get It On Google Play
Price FREE
Publisher Ku Hui
Update December 18, 2021 (4 weeks ago )

Crack Shooter Mod takes you on an adventure on the vast western land. Revolving around the story of cowboys in the process of defending the land. The game is an action game, designed for shooting gameplay. Lots of interesting features are provided. Along with the bright graphics system, giving you an extremely lively space. In particular, the control mechanism is simple and easy to play, giving you a top-notch shooting experience. Role-play as a western gunman. Your mission is to fight evil creatures. With the goal of protecting the beautiful land where I live. Overcome difficult challenges in the adventure. You will get a lot of loot. As well as improve your own fighting ability.

Download Crack Shooter Mod – The War With Creatures On The Western Lands

The story of Crack Shooter Mod takes place on a vast western land. It has a very beautiful environment, with wild natural scenery. A group of cowherds took notice of this land. They were dubbed the settlers, having moved here to live. Daily hard work, herding sheep, grazing goats on verdant lawns. However, the happy life did not last long and quickly ended. Strange creatures appear, they take over the land of the people. Simultaneously killing countless people and destroying everything they had worked so hard to build. Do not succumb to the evil of terrifying creatures. The Western boys stood up to fight. With the aim of regaining what was lost and destroying all invading creatures.Tai Crack Shooter Mod


By joining Crack Shooter Mod you will play the role of a brave western guy. With the task of fighting with strange creatures. The battle takes place in the style of overcoming obstacles. Each stage is a battle with the creatures. But there is no end, you will have to constantly fight to pass the levels. After entering the portal scene to start the battle. You use the gun in your hand, attack the enemy, by firing deadly bullets. Kill each enemy in turn, you will move to a new portal. Keep fighting with more fearsome creatures. Use smart tactics to defeat them without consuming health. Pass each challenge in turn, completing the next 9 levels, you will have to fight the boss.Download Crack Shooter Mod


During the war of Crack Shooter Mod. Skill is one of the main factors that determine the outcome of a battle. To be able to destroy the creatures. You need to observe the enemy’s position. Move flexibly to attack, shoot accurately, causing enemies to be destroyed. Take advantage of objects in the arena to make cannon fodder. Avoid enemy attack. Every time you go to the next level, the character’s health will not be fully restored. Therefore, you need to be very careful during the battle.Crack Shooter Mod

Fight the boss, trade-off

The battle with the boss is the biggest challenge in the adventure in the western land. Boss in Crack Shooter Mod possesses outstanding fighting ability. With a large appearance, durable fighting power, strong defensive ability. Can withstand large amounts of damage from your attacks. Use all your skills, fight intelligently. After defeating the boss, you will enter a new level. Meet magical creatures. The maximum amount of health can be traded for new skills and healing. For example, take 115 maximum health to get a high-damage combat skill and full health will be restored. From there, you can continue to fight terrifying creatures on new levels.

Lots of guns

Crack Shooter Mod provides a diverse weapon system. The guns with strong fighting ability. Can help you attack enemies with many different styles. The super flamethrower can burn enemies with flames. The storm gun can create a tornado, causing the enemy to take a lot of damage. Or the gun shoots bouncing bullets, every time it collides with objects, the bullet will bounce back. This allows you to attack multiple enemies at once.Game Crack Shooter Mod

Characters in Crack Shooter Mod also possess special abilities. Depending on the type of gun you use, special abilities will correspond. Every time you attack and kill an enemy, energy will be accumulated. Once maxed out, you can use special skills to attack. Through the circle icon on the screen. This helps you to deal a lot of damage, making enemies quickly defeated. Or can be used as needed. For example, in a boss fight, using special powers will make the boss quickly defeated.

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