Crab War Mod APK 3.37.0 (Unlimited Pearls)
Crab War Mod APK 3.37.0 (Unlimited Pearls)

Crab War Mod APK 3.37.0 (Unlimited Pearls)

By HL - October 20, 2021
Name Crab War
Version 3.37.0
MOD Features Unlimited Pearls
Size 103MB
Requires Android 4.4
Category Adventure
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Price FREE
Publisher Appxplore (iCandy)
Update October 20, 2021 (4 days ago )

Have you ever thought about the creatures under the sea, the crabs also have their own battles, if you download and play the game Crab War Mod you will be involved in the fierce battles of the crabs. thought of as gentle. This is a new game provided by the Appxplore team (iCandy) built and developed according to the idea that the crabs are small but combined into an army, you will control the teams. that army to fight against animals many times bigger than you want to occupy your area. With that powerful army, surely the enemies who want to invade will also get stronger. You need to upgrade the strength of your army, quickly download to help these crabs protect their territory.

Download Crab War Mod – Fighting Offensive Enemies

In the game Crab War Mod you will build yourself a powerful force of crabs and control them to fight against the enemies that are extremely large species that have occupied their habitat, and then control them to fight the crabs. That monster, when you see you have to quickly press the button on them, this will help you and the crab army that you have built to attack that enemy. The enemies are creatures much larger than crabs, so it will take a long time to fight until they run out of the ability to fight back.Game Crab War Mod

When you win a giant, there will be coins that are dropped so you can earn more to increase your fighting power to become powerful so as not to lose to any enemy. any. It will not be easy to win when you increase the strength of your army, those giant enemies will also increase in strength with the process, this is an explosive battle but it cannot be ended quickly. End the fight, these are quite long battles you have to be very careful to be able to win.

The Power of the Crab Army

To be able to fight the creatures in Hack Crab War that have such terrible power, it is imperative that you have a force of Crab that must also have incomparable strength because those creatures have existed for too long. so they are very crowded not only have one but they also have a team, there are strong ones but their friends also have weak ones. You can’t look down on those creatures because you may have to pay the price, not every match will be won, but if you lose, don’t be discouraged and try to fight the previous battles. spells to practice your fighting skills as well as increase the strength of your army. So if you want to win that evil army, your army cannot lose to them in terms of both quantity and quality of the entire force.Crab War Mod

More than 80 different crab species

With the game Crab War Mod to meet that need, a detailed system has been designed to increase the strength of your force, along with a variety of crabs with up to 80 types. are designed differently in both outer appearance and inner strength ability, of course, there is the strongest one called king crab. In the battle, there are also special types with different special abilities such as speed, there are Amethyst crabs that are often used to attack, Garnet crabs with strong damage by landings, or the last special species Emerald has. extremely strong strike power. If you strengthen them, there will be a big change, they will evolve, or even better, there will be a case of transformation. Besides, in addition to the ability of the crabs, the game is also designed for you the ability to give you an advantage in battles,

In-Game Challenges

Those are the missions that have been designed in Crab War Mod, there are main quests as well as a lot of side quests completing those goals you will have yourself a reward for completing the challenge as well. as the titles of each mission will be different. You’ll have to purchase pearls and be rewarded with trophies achieved, with each event available in a year always designed to change to have new ones with different rewards depending on the event.

Crab War Mod is a very different game from other games I have known, this is a game inspired by the design of sea creatures, so the value of money in the game is pearls. With this version you will have Unlimited Pearls, which is a very important thing in the game, you will have a never-ending talent, strengthen your forces, upgrade skills for yourself, or you can help the crabs in your army to be so strong that in the end easily win the game without having to spend too much time playing to earn yourself pearls.

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