Download CPU-Z MOD APK 1.41 (Premium Unlocked) for Android
Download CPU-Z MOD APK 1.41 (Premium Unlocked) for Android

Download CPU-Z MOD APK 1.41 (Premium Unlocked) for Android

By Cris - May 20, 2022
Name CPU-Z
Version 1.41
MOD Features Premium Unlocked
Size 2M
Requires Android 4.2+
Category Apps, Tools
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Price FREE
Publisher CPUID
Genre ,
Update May 20, 2022 (4 months ago )
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CPU – Z MOD APK is an application that provides all the detailed information about the personal device you are using. The application will monitor, connect and observe the activity of your device. From there, the information and data will be provided by CPU-Z with absolute accuracy. 

Download CPU-Z MOD APK {{version}} (Premium Unlocked) for Android

About CPU-Z

 App This is a free monitoring, tracking and tabulating application for Windows and Android devices. The application will check and provide details of the entire machine configuration, memory, chip, ram, rom,… All information is 100% accurate.

 With a simple interface, easy to use. Users can access and look up information easily and simply. Integrated many outstanding features, works smoothly and does not take up too much memory space. CPU – Z is always the first choice of users in device testing. 

Outstanding features of CPU-Z MOD

 Currently, phone companies always announce to the press that their configuration and performance are always extremely superior. However, when users buy it, it is not as advertised. So, CPU – Z MOD will help you check the exact configuration of your device. With just a few taps and a little time. You will know the exact device configuration, memory, capacity, battery, settings,… All information provided is guaranteed to be accurate at the highest level.

A few features and parameters of the application that you should know when using CPU – Z:

system information

  CPU-Z will monitor and re-statistical all information of the device. Support users to aggregate information such as device memory, screen resolution, viewing modes, .. All information will be provided free of charge and will ensure the safety and confidentiality of user information. use.


Download CPU-Z MOD APK {{version}} (Premium Unlocked) for Android

Card The CPU card provides the user with all the most detailed information about the machine’s CPU. Some important information such as: Name. code name, Backpage, specification, core speed,…

Card Caches

tab provides users to check the cache of the entire system, check the capacity, properties and levels of the machine. Caches cards such as: L1D- Cache, L1 I-Cache, L2 Cache, L3 Cache

Download CPU-Z MOD APK {{version}} (Premium Unlocked) for Android

Mainboard card

provides all information about the main of your device. Provide information such as manufacturer, model, chipset, bios, graphic interface.

Download CPU-Z MOD APK {{version}} (Premium Unlocked) for Android


tab This card is used to view information about the memory of RAM. Some specific information such as: Type, size, channel, DRAM Frequency.

Download CPU-Z MOD APK {{version}} (Premium Unlocked) for Android

SPD card

Update information about card number of RAM and parameters of each RAM stick. Some information to note such as: Slot, module size, max bandwidth, manufacturer.

Download CPU-Z MOD APK {{version}} (Premium Unlocked) for Android

Graphics card

This is an information card about the computer’s graphics card. Some information to note such as: Display device selection, name, size, type.


tab This is not a very important tab, it provides data about the versions you are using. You do not need to care about this parameter much when using the machine.

Does it cost to download CPU-Z?

Currently, the CPU-Z application is provided completely free. Users can directly download the MOD APK version of to download to the device.

Does CPU-Z MOD steal user information?

Allowing the application to access most devices as well as its settings will pose a lot of risk to the user himself. However, CPU-Z is committed to not stealing user data and not providing personal information to any other 3rd party.

What data does CPU-Z give really accurately?

The statistics and figures provided by this application will often be different and lower than those provided by the manufacturer. Therefore, users often doubt the accuracy of the information provided. However, accessing the machine helps CPU-Z collect, measure and ensure the accuracy of all information. 

Download now CPU-Z Mod Apk cAndroid

With a series of advantages and outstanding features mentioned above. CPU-Z is always the first choice in checking device information. Therefore, immediately download the CPU-Z MOD APK application from!


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