Counter Attack Multiplayer FPS Mod APK 1.2.74 (Unlimited Money)
Counter Attack Multiplayer FPS Mod APK 1.2.74 (Unlimited Money)

Counter Attack Multiplayer FPS Mod APK 1.2.74 (Unlimited Money)

By CBCC - May 8, 2022
Name Counter Attack Multiplayer FPS
Version 1.2.74
MOD Features Unlimited Money
Size 55MB
Requires Android 5.0
Category Action
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Price FREE
Publisher Seven Bulls Games
Update May 8, 2022 (3 weeks ago )

Counter Attack Multiplayer FPS Mod is a free online shooting game. Belongs to the action game genre, with tactical gameplay. Takes you into first-person shooter battles. Here, the publisher Seven Bulls Games offers players many unique features. From the gameplay, the rules, to the environment that takes place in the battles. Along with attractive game modes, compete directly with other players. Combining high-quality graphics, with vivid sound. Make you feel like you are in a real war. Not stopping there, new features will be added. Help players have a great experience when participating in dramatic battles. With fierce competition between gunmen.

Download Counter Attack Multiplayer FPS Mod – Online Multiplayer FPS Shooting War

Play as a gunman in the game Counter Attack Multiplayer FPS Mod. Your mission is to fight other gunmen in real-time combat. Your enemies are online players from all over the world. In the war, you are not alone fighting alone. It is possible to join other players, through team battles. Fight according to a strategy, working together in battle time. Destroy all enemy forces in wars. Complete the mission with the excellent performance of the whole team. From there will receive a lot of valuable loot. Along with bonuses corresponding to achievements. Continue to enter new battles. Compete with more skilled shooters.Download Counter Attack Multiplayer FPS Mod

Gameplay, skills

The gameplay of Counter Attack Multiplayer FPS Mod takes place in real-time. From a first-person perspective, you will have a great shooting experience. Here, individual skill is one of the most important factors in every battle. Requires accurate shooting skills in all situations. With the ability to quickly observe, detect enemies quickly. Move flexibly on the battlefield to minimize the range of the enemy’s sights. Incorporating smart gameplay, taking advantage of the terrain. Hide in safe positions to avoid enemies. For example, in the case of being attacked by the enemy. Take advantage of the terrain, quickly hide. From there, you can keep your life to continue fighting with your teammates. As well as causing the enemy’s score to increase.Counter Attack Multiplayer FPS Mod APK

Revive, battle results, gain experience

During the wars of Counter Attack Multiplayer FPS Mod. Based on real-time gameplay. Every time you or other shooters are shot down. Will respawn at the original starting position. At the same time, the number of defeated factions will be increased. Each gunman after being shot down will leave his weapon at the dead spot. You can pick up to use, change the fighting style. After the time is up, the battle results are based on the number of points achieved by each team. The team that kills more enemies gets a higher score. That team will win. To get a good result in shooting battles. You need to cultivate a richer combat experience. Constantly improve your shooting skills to be able to shoot accurately in all situations.Counter Attack Multiplayer FPS Mod

Collection of more than 300 weapons

A diverse collection of weapons, all types for you to choose from. More than 300 weapons are provided by Counter Attack Multiplayer FPS Mod. From melee weapons to high damage guns. For example daggers, shotguns, shotguns, machine guns, sniper rifles. With several guns like AK47, M4A1, Magnum sniper, Desert Eagle, and many more. Each weapon is designed very impressively. Expressed through realistic designs and unique colors. In particular, the ability of each weapon is not the same. The number of bullets in each gun is different. You need to learn in detail each weapon, with its pros and cons. From there, it is possible to effectively exploit the capabilities of each weapon used in battle. For example, pistols have the advantage of mobility, which can flexibly attack any terrain.Game Counter Attack Multiplayer FPS Mod

Currently, Counter Attack Multiplayer FPS Mod has 4 main game modes. Includes bomb disposal, Deathmatch, Gun Game, and Arena modes. Each game mode will bring you a unique experience. With battles taking place according to unique gameplay and rules. The shooters in a game mode have their own missions. The rewards received after each battle is extremely attractive. Besides, the environment in each mode is reproduced very realistically. With the simulated context in a virtual reality space. Scenes and surroundings are designed sharp. The realistic sound mix is expressed through gunfire.

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