Cooking Fest Mod Apk 1.76 (Unlimited Money)
Cooking Fest Mod Apk 1.76 (Unlimited Money)

Cooking Fest Mod Apk 1.76 (Unlimited Money)

By trangha94 - August 1, 2022
Name Cooking Fest
Version 1.76
MOD Features Unlimited Money
Size 65.03MB
Requires Android 4.4, IOS 10.0
Category Casual, Games
Get It On Google Play
Price FREE
Genre ,
Update August 1, 2022 (2 weeks ago )
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If you love cooking in beautiful kitchens. Cooking Fest Mod is a game worth testing. In this game, you will be shown many different skills and roles such as: Cooking, restaurant management, kitchen design…

Introduction to the game Cooking Fest Mod

Introduction to the game Cooking Fest

Cooking Fest Mod is a culinary time management game. Here, the player plays the role of a new chef working in a cafe. You are competent but inexperienced. At this game, you can learn many things by doing: Prepare, serve and eat great food. In addition, you need to provide delicious meals in a beautiful space. Areas included in this game include: Tropical restaurant, ice cream shop and a seafood restaurant on the water.

How to play in Cooking Fest

You will start cooking while growing your favorite business. Open your own small restaurant and serve all customers with delicious meals by: Using hundreds of recipes from around the world. Get ready to host a significant number of guests by: Upgrade the appliances in your own kitchen. Master the cuisine of other countries and prepare: Delicious steaks, noodles and ice cream, hot and cold drinks and treat customers. Then make money and start new businesses in various places.

Cooking Fest Mod runs smoothly and accurately, with constant emphasis on factors such as: Adaptability, visibility, and effective time management. The player’s goal in most cooking missions is to exceed daily sales goals by providing exceptional customer service. In addition, the difficulty varies depending on the game mode or culinary style, and even the cooking technique will vary greatly to surprise the players. However, the game includes some other unique and fascinating concepts. It promises to support players to significantly improve culinary performance. Along with every upgrade and more.

Some interesting features in Cooking Fest Mod

Make delicious dishes

Make delicious dishes

To allow the player complete freedom, the cooking process in the game is made as easy as possible. Cooking requires the player to interact with ingredients frequently. At the same time, perform throwing them where needed. And can finish the process quickly. Although they must maintain control, food can burn. Or undercooked, leading to unhappy customers and possibly loss of income. Various ingredients or supplements. This depends on the restaurant or the idea that the player is cooking. From there, give players a fun experience as they create the best meals.

Create a professional restaurant

You have a problem keeping Cooking Fest’s restaurant popular. All visitors are warmly welcomed. At the same time, are provided with delicious meals. However, the on-screen run time meter shows difficulty. The visitors are impatient and want to be in attendance as quickly as possible. To complete this challenge, the player must perform a sequence of rapid hand movements.

Customers may have to wait longer at empty tables. So please them with some great discounts. Each meal has its own charm. Is a skilled chef employed by a five-star restaurant. You enhance the menu and provide customers with more appealing delicacies. As you level up, the price of the dishes can fluctuate. There will be more coins in your pocket and you will have more opportunities to grow your company.

Overcoming various challenges

In Cooking Fest, the player’s adventure is essentially limitless. It can go through many countries. Enhance the diversity of culinary traditions. Players have the opportunity to discover new dishes. At the same time, it is possible to travel to places famous for their cuisine. To advance to areas with more potential for a chef. The player must complete the essential objectives at each location. These goals vary greatly. Of course, there will be in-game abilities for you to develop cooking techniques. And from there, create a reputation for yourself.

Changing the kitchen and ideas

Changing the kitchen and ideas

Players will be able to easily improve their cooking ability. At the same time, serve customers faster. All thanks to the game’s amazing and flexible upgrade system. Additionally, each upgrade selection gives players access to new abilities. For example: Increase the mood as well as the tempo of the game to keep you interested. Players can only renovate individual restaurants and upgrade interiors. As a result, to improve customer morale and create a more friendly environment. The continuous upgrade system greatly expands some of the discoveries and possibilities. So make sure to give players the most remarkable experience possible in a cooking game.

Lots of fun activities

The game focuses on the player’s goals and cooking tasks, but it also includes a lot of other fun activities. Events are often a great way for gamers to access new foods. Or entertaining mini-games with a lot of untapped potential.

The prizes vary depending on the player’s skill level and advancement level. From there, providing players with tons of new expertise in quickly cooking a few meals. Players are often surprised by the changes of the operating system. Therefore, the game play will always be lively and highly entertaining. From there, let everyone become skilled chefs.

Players will always have access to many of Cooking Fest’s cooking-related quintessence. In addition, the game will regularly add new information. It gives players a fresh perspective on the culinary world. By adopting vivid and eye-catching images.

Mod features of the game Cooking Fest

Cooking Fest has a Mod feature of Unlimited Money . Therefore, it makes the user’s participation in the game more attractive and interesting.

Some FAQs about Cooking Fest?

Some FAQs about Cooking Fest?

1. Is Cooking Fest open to children?

Cooking Fest is a game for children to participate in because of its safe, healthy nature. However, because it is an online game, playing a lot can affect eyesight. Therefore, parents should be supervised when participating in this game.

2. What platforms can Cooking Fest be played on?

Cooking Fest can be played on Android and IOS platforms. As a result, bringing you the most attractive and wonderful experience when participating.

3. Is Cooking Fest easy to operate?

Cooking Fest Mod is said to be very easy to manipulate with a simple interface. The control buttons are clear and easy to see. Thanks to that, making this game more attractive and interesting.

Download Cooking Fest game for Android, IOS

Currently, Cooking Fest has a download link right in this article. Try to find out and experience it by downloading it. Some games similar to Cooking Fest that you can refer to are: Cooking Fever, Cooking Madness, Cooking Simulator,…


Thus, it can be seen that through this shared article, Cooking Fest Mod is quite an interesting game. Experience it yourself to see how attractive the game is.

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