Code of War Mod APK 3.17.3 (Unlocked Vip)
Code of War Mod APK 3.17.3 (Unlocked Vip)

Code of War Mod APK 3.17.3 (Unlocked Vip)

By CBCC - November 15, 2021
Name Code of War: Shooting Game
Version 3.17.3
MOD Features Unlocked Vip
Size 193MB
Requires Android 5.0
Category Action
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Price FREE
Publisher XDEVS LTD
Update November 15, 2021 (3 weeks ago )

Code of War Mod is an online shooting game. Designed with beautiful 3D graphics, along with extremely realistic physical effects. Here, the game offers a diverse weapon system. Along with many different battlefield maps for you to explore. Role-play as a gunman to participate in online battles. Compete in shooting with players around the world. Compete with them in fierce and intense battles. Your goal is to be the best shooter. Through battles to achieve excellent results, defeat the most targets. What’s more, your shooting war will be more attractive when fighting with teammates. You can invite your friends to join the fight together. Destroy the enemy force to end the war with a glorious victory.

Download Code of War Mod – Shooting War On Fierce Battlefields

The battlefield of Code of War Mod opens in a large town. With extensive gameplay, taking place in real-time. During the allotted time of each battle, the shooters will divide into 2 teams to compete head-to-head. For each person killed, the remaining team will gain points. The battle lasted until the end of time. The team that kills more enemies gets a higher score. That team will win, and also receive attractive rewards. During the online shooting battle. The gunmen killed by the opponent will be revived. After a certain amount of time, the gunman will return to the original starting position. Continue the fight with your teammates until the time is up.Game Code of War Mod

Personal skills are important

Code of War Mod takes place in team shooting battles. However, individual skill is a very important factor. Can decide the outcome of the war. As a professional shooter, you need to know the terrain. As well as having accurate shooting skills. Combine tactics with teammates to create a unique playstyle. Efficiency can be achieved in this dramatic online battle. Move flexibly on the map, quickly observe to detect enemies. Attack enemies with lead bullets, causing them to lie down in front of your gun. Take advantage of the surrounding terrain, hiding behind hidden corners. Avoid enemy attacks, and create surprises. Make the enemy unable to counterattack. Experiencing battles, you need to hone your combat experience. Analyze and judge the enemy’s movement position, through footsteps. Improve your shooting skills to be able to hit a hundred shots.Tai Code of War Mod

Various battle maps

Code of War Mod provides players with a diverse map system. Typical are secret archives, piers, graveyards of ships, train stations. And there are many more maps for you to explore. After completing the mission in these shooting wars. The new map will be unlocked. Each map is a battlefield, with very realistically designed terrain and environments. You can join any battlefield. Or you can choose a random battlefield to enter the battle. Each battlefield has different terrain and scenery. Knowing the terrain will be very beneficial for your battle. Because it will know the favorable locations to attack. As well as choosing a safe hiding place when being attacked by enemies.Download Code of War Mod

3D graphics, live sound mix

To give players the best experience. Game publisher XDEVS LTD used 3D graphics. Recreate the battlefield extremely realistic. Along with carefully polished image quality. You can see through the map, the environment in each battle. Combined with the impressive effects of Code of War Mod will help you enjoy the feeling of a real gunman. Create a unique character, with flexible movements on the battlefield. With a third-person perspective, you can observe the character’s every movement. Don’t stop there, the sound comes alive with background music. The sound of gunfire was heard throughout the battle. Along with the footsteps of the character and other gunmen.Code of War Mod

Character upgrading is something you need to do if you want to go further. Unlock to use high-damage guns that will help you easily destroy enemies. Also, choose one of the costumes that Code of War Mod provides. To increase defense, help the character withstand multiple waves of enemy attacks. What’s more, you can develop your character’s abilities with different combat stats. By using gold coins earned from wars. Then upgrade to increase combat stats like damage, movement speed, health, defense and reload time.

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