Clone Armies Mod APK 908 (Unlimited Money, Unlocked Skins)
Clone Armies Mod APK 908 (Unlimited Money, Unlocked Skins)

Clone Armies Mod APK 908 (Unlimited Money, Unlocked Skins)

By CBCC - December 28, 2021
Name Clone Armies: Tactical Army Game
Version 908
MOD Features Unlimited Money, Unlocked Skins
Size 143MB
Requires Android 5.0
Category Action
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Price FREE
Publisher Elecube
Update December 28, 2021 (3 weeks ago )

Clone Armies Mod is a 2D action shooter game. Graphics are designed in cartoon style. Bringing you to exciting military battles, no less dramatic. Becoming a just cancel, your mission is to run the army to fight the enemy army. The wars lasted continuously, the drama and cruelty were pushed to the climax when the two teams used powerful firepower. Strategy is an indispensable element in every battle that takes place. Especially as a commander, you need to lead your troops to fight strategically. Facing strong enemies, large military forces. Sometimes, soldiers lying down is not the end. But that was just the beginning of a brutal, more dramatic war. Are you ready to prepare for fierce military wars? Become a commander to lead his army to battle.

Download Clone Armies Mod – Animated Army War

The military battle in Clone Armies Mod is divided into 2 teams, including the blue team and the red team. At the beginning of the war, you command one team to attack the other. Use the clone machine to recruit soldiers. Bring them into the battle in waves. The cloning machine can create many different combat units. However, if you want to recruit soldiers with outstanding combat ability. You need to spend money to unlock, the stronger the soldiers, the more money you have to spend. Recruit soldiers to have them appear for a new attack. From there, your team has a chance to win. Sometimes, the soldiers who lost their lives, it was the beginning of a new attack. Because they are the ones who will earn you some money when killing the enemy. When it’s your turn to attack later, you can use the money to recruit new soldiers.Clone Armies Mod

Style play

In each battle of Clone Armies Mod is divided into many different attacks. Each wave of attacks corresponds to the number of soldiers participating in the battle. Along with that, the number of stars will be reduced when the attack exceeds the allowed limit. For example in a war, you have 5 waves of attacks. In the first attack, the number of soldiers involved is only one. Switching to the second attack, the number of minions will increase to 2 units. In turn, each subsequent wave of attacks will increase by one combat unit. Until the last attack is over. Each attack takes place, you can complete the quest as required. From there will achieve excellent results with the maximum number of stars, 3 stars. However, if the war is not over yet. The number of stars will be reduced for each subsequent attack. Later, if you still can’t fulfill the given conditions of the fight. You will lose and have to start over.Game Clone Armies Mod

Control the army

In Clone Armies Mod, military tactics are not only about recruiting soldiers of superior combat ability. Or the number of soldiers involved is more than the enemy force. It is also reflected in the way you control the soldiers to fight. With a common control system for all soldiers in each battle. You can move the army forward or backward. It is also possible to jump on obstacles. Combine with the reticle icon to perform firing. Also, observe the enemy’s forces to be able to dodge their attacks. Although it can’t be completely dodged, it is somewhat reduced when attacked.Ear Clone Armies Mod

Game mode

Clone Armies Mod provides you with many attractive game modes. Enter the campaign mode for dramatic battles. Conquer the enemy base by completing the missions given in each battle. It can be to destroy the entire enemy force or destroy their cloning machine. After completing the campaign, you can switch to 1vs1 multiplayer mode. Or test your military prowess in solo and co-op modes. Each mode takes place according to its own gameplay, rules, you need to follow. No matter what mode you join, after the end of the battle. You will receive rewards, possibly money, and skill points from soldiers. Depending on the number of stars you achieve, excellent performance will receive a lot of attractive rewards.Dowload Clone Armies Mod

The game offers more than 30 military units for you to recruit. Typical are mini-gun soldiers, shield soldiers, melee soldiers, tanks, helicopters. Or even rocket launchers, and many other combat units. Each unit in the Clone Armies Mod has its own fighting ability. Their power can be upgraded after using the skill points received, when winning. In parallel, the amount to unlock each unit corresponds to their ability. The stronger the fighting power, the more money to recruit.

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