Chicken Gun Mod APK 2.7.03 (Unlimited Money)
Chicken Gun Mod APK 2.7.03 (Unlimited Money)

Chicken Gun Mod APK 2.7.03 (Unlimited Money)

By CBCC - November 30, 2021
Name Chicken Gun
Version 2.7.03
MOD Features Unlimited Money
Size 151MB
Requires Android 4.4
Category Action
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Price FREE
Publisher ChaloApps
Update November 30, 2021 (3 days ago )

Chicken Gun Mod belongs to the action-shooter genre. Taken from a first-person perspective. Helping you have the most intuitive perspective. Can observe everything around easily. Incorporating a simple control mechanism, similar to conventional shooting games. Join the game, you play as a professional shooter. However, not to become soldiers, but to transform into a rooster. At the same time, grenades to use are chicken eggs. Your mission is to fight with other roosters. Challenging and challenging battles are waiting for you ahead. To be able to survive in an environment of guns, with the explosion of chicken eggs. You have no choice but to fight. Only by destroying all enemies can survive.

Download Chicken Gun Mod – The Shooting War Of The Roosters

Chicken Gun Mod opens up team battles, with gameplay taking place in real-time. Your mission is to fight with your teammates in online battles. Compete with the opposing team, through the battle of the roosters. In an open battlefield, the roosters of two factions will fight continuously. With the goal of taking down as many enemies as possible. Get a higher score on the counter than the opposing team. In the battle there will be no permanent death, the defeated roosters will be resurrected. After that, you can continue to fight with your teammates. Only when time is up will the war stop. After that, the system will be based on the number of points achieved by the two factions. The team that scores more points, kills more enemies. That team will win, and receive rewards from the system.Download Chicken Gun Mod

Personal skills are important

Although Chicken Gun Mod is a team battle. Requires flexible coordination between roosters in a team, to create a strategy. However, individual skill is one of the very important factors to be able to achieve good results. Here, you need to have accurate shooting skills. Flexible use of support weapons such as chicken eggs and kerosene bottles. Combining wide-area observation, quickly detecting the enemy. At the same time take advantage of the surrounding terrain. Hide behind walls or behind military vehicles. Dodge attacks from enemies. Counterattack quickly by firing bullets continuously and accurately. Make the enemy die before your gun. From there, you can raise your score on the counter. As well as affirming the skills of a professional shooter.Tai Chicken Gun Mod

Use weapons, mobilize combat vehicles

During the shooting wars of Chicken Gun Mod. The gun is the main weapon you use to attack the enemy. Besides, it is possible to use support weapons such as eggs to throw, creating an explosion. Or use kerosene bottles to create a fire, which can burn enemies. In particular, the battle was also played with the support of military vehicles. Your team can mobilize armored tanks or helicopters. It is even possible to control UFOs and giant robots to attack enemy forces. Likewise, the enemy side can command cannibals or monsters to attack. This will be the most intense and fierce moment in the war. Gunfire erupted everywhere, the attacks from both sides were extremely dramatic. It takes place in all areas of the battlefield.Game Chicken Gun Mod

Team mode and against all

Chicken Gun Mod provides 2 main game modes. Includes 5v5 team battle mode and against all mode. Coming to the team battle mode, you will fight with your teammates with the opponent’s faction. Kill as many enemies as you can to win. Join mode one with all. The battle will take place without allies or the support of military means. You can only rely on your personal skills to fight all the remaining enemies. After the time is up, the number of enemies killed will be proportional to the achievement achieved. To be able to win, you need to become the chicken with the highest score. By defeating the most enemies in the battle.Chicken Gun Mod

Similar to normal shooting games. Chicken Gun Mod’s control system is quite simple. Use the virtual keys on the screen to control. On the side of the screen appears a circle icon, which is used to navigate around. The right side of the screen includes icons such as bullets, kerosene bottles and grenades, and some other features. Allows you to attack the enemy. By flexibly combining the control keys to fight. Combine individual skills in the course of the battle. From there, you can take out all the enemies to win.

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