CCleaner Pro Mod APK 6.4.1 (Unlocked Pro)
CCleaner Pro Mod APK 6.4.1 (Unlocked Pro)

CCleaner Pro Mod APK 6.4.1 (Unlocked Pro)

By CBCC - June 14, 2022
Name CCleaner Pro
Version 6.4.1
MOD Features Unlocked Pro
Size 36MB
Requires Android 4.1
Category Tools, Apps
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Price FREE
Publisher Piriform
Genre ,
Update June 14, 2022 (3 months ago )
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In the process of using the phone, sometimes your device encounters freeze or slow loading. Because after a period of use, junk files will be stored in the machine more and more. There are even duplicate files, or viruses that cause the computer to crash. To solve that problem, publisher Piriform has launched the CCleaner Pro Mod application market.

This is a junk cleaner and device cleaner application on the Android platform. Help users troubleshoot and increase machine performance. Currently, this application is quite popular and is a familiar name to many people. Because it helps the device detect and remove junk files inside the system. Even the machine is old after a long time of use, but the performance is still stable and smooth as new.

Download CCleaner Pro Mod – Junk File Cleaner

Coming to CCleaner Pro Mod, users will be provided with many outstanding features of the application. You can then use them to improve the speed of your phone. And remove unnecessary junk files inside the system. Keep your device clean and safe during mobile use. Here the user will have to grant access so that the application can interfere inside the system.

Developed with modern technology, the application will scan all folders on your device. Includes cache, downloaded content, browsing history, and many more folders. The application will then list the junk or unnecessary files on the screen. Along with that are the usage data and the amount of space that can be freed. Then you only need to make a single touch, and you can clean the entire device.CCleaner Pro Mod APK

Easy to use

CCleaner Pro Mod is designed with a simple interface and optimized tools. Make it easy to use, with just taps and taps on the screen. That you can control and select the corresponding features. Especially the application has low capacity and is neat. It Will not take up too much memory and affect the CPU of the device. What’s more, the app also features smart statistics.

Help users identify applications that affect the device. Besides, in the process of using the phone. The application will monitor the amount of internal memory and RAM of the device, helping you to detect and free up unnecessary things. Because when Ram and internal memory, the more will make the machine quickly get hot and unstable performance. In addition, the application also checks the CPU and percentage, as well as the temperature of the Battery.Download CCleaner Pro Mod

Test data

Especially in the process of using the phone, there will be heavy applications. Make your data run out quickly, but you don’t know which application. Now CCleaner Pro Mod will help you check data-consuming applications. You can then pause or come up with a suitable solution, to save your data. In addition, users will be supported with the feature of tracking applications that consume batteries.

Then you can know the application you use often, how much battery percentage will drain in an hour. Especially after a long time of use, your device will have a lot of unused applications. The tool will then give you a list of those applications. This helps users save time, as well as not having to spend time searching. Then you can delete all unused applications,ear CCleaner Pro Mod

A utility of CCleaner Pro Mod helps users save a significant amount of battery. It is the feature to stop all applications, then even the applications running in the background will stop working. Then only when you open it again will the app continue to function normally. What’s more, the one-touch cleaning feature makes it extremely easy to use. Sometimes you feel that the device is running slow or there are signs of lag problem. Then just open the application and tap once on the cleaning section of the application.

Then the device will work normally again and the junk files will be deleted. What’s more, if you want to use more advanced features. Premium version can be subscribed, by paying to use. Then you will be supported with a lot of exclusive features and quality of the manufacturer.

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