Cartoon Wars 3 APK 2.0.9 (Vô hạn tiền)
Cartoon Wars 3 APK 2.0.9 (Vô hạn tiền)

Cartoon Wars 3 APK 2.0.9 (Vô hạn tiền)

By thiendi01 - August 1, 2022
Name Cartoon Wars 3
Version 2.0.9
MOD Features N/A
Size 83.49 MB
Requires Android 4.1, iOS 11+
Category Action, Games
Get It On Google Play
Price FREE
Publisher Gamevil
Genre ,
Update August 1, 2022 (2 weeks ago )
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In this Cartoon Wars 3, there will be a lot of functions and extremely cool modes compared to the previous two parts. ‘ explore the free version of LMHMOD below!

Cartoon wars 3 – The famous stickman game

Stickman is a familiar object to everyone. In childhood, people often draw these characters in books or notebooks. With just a few strokes of the pen, we have the ability to easily shape a warrior, an expert or an interesting subject.

This character is also a source of positive emotions for publishers to create their games with different types of crime. Zitga pte has been successful with rpg games with the names Stickman legends, Stickman The Flash, Stickman Master: Shadow Legends,… In addition, gamevil’s tower game series called cartoon wars is also worth noting.

Cartoon wars 3
Cartoon wars 3 – The famous stickman game

Cartoon wars 3 – Classic tower game

That’s right. The gameplay of cartoon wars 3 is built with the patterns of a traditional tower defense game. On the screen, the player and the enemy are matched with two towers standing in front of each other, and of course the two kingdoms just want to close the neighboring kingdom by fighting. 

Your job is to summon the armed forces, the warriors you have to attack or hinder the enemy’s attack.


Planning is an essential part of tower defense games. You won’t do much more than just choose the warriors you want and they will automatically fight the enemy. 

You need to know each enemy warrior to find the most satisfactory plan, and call the warriors at the right time so that they can increase their abundant energy. 

The game will end when 1 of the 2 blocks is destroyed, and of course you don’t want to be that person.

There are various warriors

Cartoon wars 3 gives you a rich variety of warriors. From lance-wielding warriors to archers, zombies and even massive cyborgs. There are many types of objects for you to choose from, exploring the potential and abundant energy of each object.

New modes

  • Raid : fight against several other online players. Since the end of the match, you can potentially get a lot of loot and a lot of energy to boost your armed forces.
  • Siege : before starting the competition, we choose the 7 tallest warriors and join the battle against other teams. The enemy is constantly attacking, your thing is to hold your line for as long as possible.
  • Team battle : this is the mode that does not require mana to fight. Users form a squad of four warriors and engage in 4v4 matches for valuable rewards.
  • Summon : 100% new function. This function allows the user to recognize the warriors the game distributes and apply them to fight the enemy. You also have the ability to upgrade, prepare runes with warriors with a few items that the game distributes in the match.

More than 200+ levels

Cartoon wars 3
More than 200+ levels

In addition to the above modes, Cartoon wars 3 also has more than 200 levels with steadily increasing difficulty to challenge your struggle. Also at this point, planning is not enough. You should level up and prepare runes for the subjects so that they have enough strength to fight the enemy.

Not to mention, expedition mode is where you use forgotten warriors to earn an experience draw and many other great rewards. Various functions such as bonus roulette and chests also give you the opportunity to receive valuable items. Don’t miss it!

Simple Image

With a stickman-themed game, people are less likely to expect a game with a high image value and authentic image. The image of cartoon wars 3 is simply built with a few doodles, but has been updated quite well compared to the previous two parts. 

The bright bright colors of the game provide a sense of ease to the user. In addition, the combat effects of the warriors are also very impressive and focused.

FAQs Can

IOS operating system play Cartoon wars 3?

For Android or IOS operating systems, the game experience is okay!  

Does it cost to download this Cartoon Wars 3?

The game is all free. Just click the link below and you’re good to go! 

Where should I download the game?

Access LMHMOD To download the game, you can also refer to some games of the same genre here.

Download Cartoon wars 3 apk for android

Over the years, series 3 of tower game players has developed on mobile. With notable changes in the gameplay of Cartoon wars 3 is committed to bringing more success than what the previous two parts have ever done. Are you ready to join the battle to secure the kingdom?

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