Carpet Bombing 2 Mod APK 1.21 (Free Shopping)

By CBCC - September 26, 2021
Carpet Bombing 2 Mod APK 1.21 (Free Shopping)
Name Carpet Bombing 2
Version 1.18
MOD Features Free Shopping
Size 123MB
Requires Android 4.4
Category Arcade
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Price FREE
Publisher Synthetic Mind
Update September 26, 2021 (16 hours ago )

Become a pilot in Carpet Bombing 2 Mod. Players will control jet aircraft, participate in fierce battles. Your mission is to destroy the enemy in the air, on the ground, and at sea. With a lot of difficulties and challenges, it requires players to observe and dodge enemy fire. Also drop bombs accurately on enemies, causing them to be destroyed. The game is designed with 2D graphics, but still meets the needs of players. Bringing a new fighting style, the game will certainly have differences compared to the games you’ve played before.

Download Carpet Bombing 2 Mod – Control the Airplane to participate in the Air War

Carpet Bombing 2 Mod has an attractive Retro fighting style. The player will become a pilot, with the task of controlling a fighter aircraft. The gameplay is quite simple, not too complicated for you to get used to. Your mission is to destroy all enemy forces to win. In the process, the enemy will launch fire to attack you. Therefore, you need to control the aircraft flexibly, avoiding their fire. The war opens with countless difficulties and challenges. You can only fight alone, without support from teammates or other aircraft. The enemy is completely different, they have an army with many different fighting forces. Includes air force, navy, and infantry.Carpet Bombing 2 Mod

Lots of modes

Developer Synthetic Mind gives players a lot of different modes.

  • For Arcade mode: Takes you into extremely fast battles. Skip plane moves, levels change instantaneously with no take-off and landing time.
  • Simulation mode: For those who want to experience flying the plane in a realistic way. Perform take-off, landing or fuel management missions.
  • Endless Mode: This is a combination of Arcade and Simulation mode. Start from the process of choosing aircraft, equip weapons and participate in endless war.
  • Defense mode: Your mission is to protect the base from enemy attacks.
  • Campaign mode: Become a hero, with the mission to rescue the island. By killing all enemies.

Each mode in Carpet Bombing 2 Mod brings a lot of resources. You need to destroy the whole and win, to get the bonus.Download Carpet Bombing 2 Mod

More than 10 levels, diverse enemies

Carpet Bombing 2 Mod gives you more than 10 fascinating levels. Each level has a lot of tasks for you to complete. At the same time, the difficulty of the game will gradually increase after you move to the next level. At that time, the enemy will be stronger and the number will also increase. Faced with a large number of enemies such as planes, tanks, warships, soldiers, you will have to have a smart strategy. Because once in their sights, you can lose your life at any time, even before you can attack, you will lose your life. The battle does not know how long it will last, but when you run out of blood, you will definitely lose. So, collect support tools like first aid boxes to recover a certain amount of health.Game Carpet Bombing 2 Mod

Aircraft systems and upgrades

The game owns more than 15 types of fighters. Each aircraft is individually designed and has an authentic look. At the same time, the power of each plane corresponds to the amount you spend to buy. At first Carpet Bombing 2 Mod gives you a plane. However, its combat ability is also limited. Over time, when it reaches higher levels, it will not be able to withstand the attack of the enemy. So you need to own a new plane, with strong combat ability. Using the money earned, you can choose for yourself a favorite plane. In addition, upgrading the aircraft will increase combat ability. That helps you destroy the enemy quickly when upgrading the maximum power of the aircraft.Ear Carpet Bombing 2 Mod

Control mechanism

The control system of Carpet Bombing 2 Mod is quite easy. Players just need to touch and swipe the virtual Joystick displayed on the left corner of the screen to navigate the aircraft’s movement. Likewise, the right corner of the screen shows rocket, bomb, and gun icons. Depending on the actual situation, you can use them to attack the enemy. During the battle, if you want to adjust the altitude of the aircraft, you need to use the lever on the right corner of the screen.

Although Carpet Bombing 2 Mod uses 2D graphics. But the picture quality is amazing. Compact capacity can be compatible with most machines. The game has a Retro style, helping you to enjoy the fascinating battles. Along with diverse backgrounds in many different locations. Combined with lively sound, shown through the sound of bombs in the battle.

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