Car Eats Car 3 Mod APK 2.8 b502 (Unlimited Diamonds)

By CBCC - August 28, 2021
Car Eats Car 3 Mod APK 2.8 b502 (Unlimited Diamonds)
Name Car Eats Car 3 - Hill Climb Chase Race
Version 2.8 b502
MOD Features Unlimited Diamonds
Size 118MB
Requires Android 4.4
Category Racing
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Price FREE
Update August 28, 2021 (1 month ago )

Following the predecessor version, the publisher SMOKOKO provides players with the game Car Eats Car 3 Mod. This is the third game in the Car Eats Car series. With racing gameplay with bold style. Race cars now have a completely new design. Cartoon style, with many vivid colors. Here, your task is to control the car over difficult terrain. Climb steep slopes, overcome dangerous obstacles. Just small negligence or failure to control the speed, your car will overturn. Besides, players can experience the game in offline mode. Play games anywhere and anytime. Or enter the online mode to compete with other racers. Overtake them to win, become a professional racer.

Download Car Eats Car 3 Mod – Dramatic Races with Action Style

The gameplay of Car Eats Car 3 Mod has an action racing style. You control the racing car moving on the road with the goal of reaching the destination safely. However, during the course of the race, you will encounter many challenges. Police cars followed closely behind. They will use weapons to attack, with the aim of capturing your vehicle. Not only that, a series of obstacles appear throughout the race. For example, oil tanks, steep hilly roads, etc. Along with rival racing cars, it will make it difficult for you. They block the way and don’t want to let you get to the finish line.Car Eats Car 3 Mod

Driving skills

Facing countless challenges in Car Eats Car 3 Mod, skill is the deciding factor to your victory or defeat. Rush directly into the vehicle ahead or use a weapon to attack. For the purpose of causing the cars in the way to be destroyed. At the same time, control the speed of the vehicle well, keeping the car in a state of balance and stability. Going through the races, you need to learn from previous mistakes. At the same time improve your car control skills to continue the journey to conquer more difficult tracks. Win convincingly and become a pro racer.Game Car Eats Car 3 Mod

Racing levels, collect red diamonds, increasing difficulty

Car Eats Car 3 Mod helps you have an extremely interesting racing experience. With 72 levels of steep climbs and 36 levels of dramatic chase action. At each level that takes place, you need to collect red diamonds and fuel tanks. At the same time collect additional weapons such as bombs, bullets, … to attack other racing cars. Take that opportunity to pass, reach the finish line with the lead and win. The difficulty of the game is also increased each time you move to the next level. Challenging terrain, obstacles appear more than before. Especially the pursuit of the police and the speed of the opponent’s movement. If you want to win, you need to improve your driving skills.Download Car Eats Car 3 Mod

Use Nitro, monitor blood

During the race of the game, Car Eats Car 3 Mod. Players can use nitro to speed up faster. Overcome obstacles easily. Reach full speed and easily go through zero-gravity circles. In particular, nitro helps you escape dangerous situations, close to failure. For example, when encountering difficult terrain, causing your racing car to overturn. At this time, using Nitro will help the car create thrust, continue the race. Each time you use Nitro, you will run out of items, which you can restore by collecting items with the Nitro symbol on the way. Besides, be aware and monitor the health bar throughout the journey. It will decrease every time you get hit by a police car or run into cogs on the road.

9 boss cars

Pass each racing level in turn in Car Eats Car 3 Mod. Up to a certain level, you will have to challenge yourself when participating in a race with the boss. With 9 different bosses, located in special missions. It was a large truck carrying a race car, detained. Accompanying the boss car are the supporting police cars. You need to drive chase from behind, overcome all obstacles and destroy police cars. Simultaneously attack the boss car with a weapon or rush the car directly into the boss car. Destroy the boss car to win. You will then rescue the detained vehicle and complete the mission. Get lots of valuable rewards. Conversely, if you can’t destroy the boss car before they reach the finish line, you will have to receive defeat.Tai Car Eats Car 3 Mod

In-Car Eats Car 3 Mod there are many unique racing cars. Typical such as Beetle, Harvester, Loсomachine, Francopstein, Tankominator, etc. Each vehicle in the game is designed in cartoon style. Besides, the game provides a variety of weapons for you to use. Examples are rockets, bombs, magnets, electronic pulses, even freezing rays. Using them to attack other racing cars will cause them to be destroyed.

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