Camp Defense Mod APK 1.0.734 (Free Shopping)
Camp Defense Mod APK 1.0.734 (Free Shopping)

Camp Defense Mod APK 1.0.734 (Free Shopping)

By CMB - January 22, 2022
Name Camp Defense
Version 1.0.734
MOD Features Free Shopping
Size 52MB
Requires Android 5.0+
Category Strategy
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Price FREE
Publisher stereo7 games
Update January 22, 2022 (5 days ago )

Games related to the field of zombies have never disappointed the gaming community. Camp Defense is no exception. The heat is extremely hot, since its launch, many people have downloaded it, winning excellent praise for this gameplay. Shooting action gameplay combined with combat racing. You and your teammates will sit on the truck, shoot zombies with guns. The difficulty will be increased gradually according to your level. Accumulate battle points to unlock more new soldiers. Through the game rounds, the warrior needs to be upgraded in strength, ensuring the ability to fight in the new environment. The characters are diverse, the appearance is extremely pitiful, muscular. Just by looking at it, players are already enjoying it. His actions and gestures when moving will surely make you feel attracted.

Download Camp Defense Mod – Shoot all the hateful zombies

Camp Defense Mod provides you with the most modern, advanced weapons in the world. Many types of guns have tremendous destructive power. One shot of the trigger can kill dozens of zombies. Combine with your teammates. Driving and moving, while controlling the gun to destroy the zombie army. Don’t give them a chance to approach and attack you. Drive deeper into the enemy base. You will see more undead appearing in a terrifyingly chaotic manner. New types will appear with tremendous power, movement speed, and faster dodging ability. Upgrade for warriors, combat weapons to a higher level. Make sure the damage done is enough to make the enemy die for you. Especially the truck, pay attention to it when attacked by the undead, it will break down and need maintenance. After each battle,

Camp Defense mod apk

Types of items

In the process of fighting, in addition to weapons and vehicles, there are some extremely important and necessary items. It can be said to be indispensable if you want to win easier. I can mention some items with special features, used by many people. For example, Active abilities help you change ammo faster. Summoned Units x2 character’s strength for 10s. Truck Strength increases the speed of war vehicles. Critical Hit damage increases the gun’s damage per shot. Along with many other useful items for you to slowly discover. Go to the store, click on the item. Many different types for you to enjoy shopping.

Camp Defense mod

Weapons and Vehicles

The system of weapons and combat vehicles is extremely modern. Various genres, different designs. Every month, the publisher will update many new and more modern models. In order to serve players to be able to fight to satisfy their shooting passion. The cars in Critical Hit damage Mod have a different appearance and design than normal cars. The appearance is aggressive, the ground is very high, especially when equipped with a machine gun. When seeing zombies, the attack system will be activated automatically. You just need to control the car to rush to where the enemy is standing. All will be destroyed in an instant.

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Indispensable in this journey are effective teammates. Always by your side to support you in any difficult situation. The number of teammates depends on your decision. Let’s unlock more new companions. They will help you conquer many challenges, overcome difficulties more easily. To achieve this, players need to spend a small amount of gold. The selling price of each character is quite high. So before deciding to unlock more new teammates. Please consider and pay attention to the parameters and characteristics of that person.

High-quality graphics

Any game that works in this field is invested a lot in the quality of graphics. Camp Defense Mod is also heavily developed and creative by the publisher. Bring the image of heroic warriors fighting, destroying the bloodthirsty zombie army. Every time they appear, the sound of screaming, the sound of dragging feet, etc. Makes the player just want to pick up the gun and kill it right away. Besides, the sound of gunshots stimulates the player’s will to fight more fiercely.

Camp Defense mod apk

Dramatic shooting screens, shooting zombies help you relieve stress, remove pressure in life. PvP mode for you to compete, compete with other players. The pace of the matches is extremely fast. Challenges keep coming for you to overcome. Every time you kill a zombie, items and gold coins on them will fall out. If in safe conditions, defeat all the enemies, then get off the car and collect them all. Download Camp Defense Mod super attractive zombie war.

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