Call of Duty: Heroes Mod APK 4.9.1 (Unlimited Money)
Call of Duty: Heroes Mod APK 4.9.1 (Unlimited Money)

Call of Duty: Heroes Mod APK 4.9.1 (Unlimited Money)

By CBCC - March 13, 2022
Name Call of Duty: Heroes
Version 4.9.1
MOD Features Unlimited Money
Size 60MB
Requires Android 4.4
Category Action
Get It On Google Play
Price FREE
Publisher Activision Publishing, Inc.
Update March 13, 2022 (3 months ago )

Call of Duty: Heroes Mod is a strategy game, revolving around the theme of military war. Set in the historical war. The developer has built the game with very realistic gameplay. Open wars between nations with a plot to invade the territory. You are a commander, representing your country to war. The goal is to lead the army to capture enemy bases. Destroy all to take over the territory. Battles will be recreated in many different environments. From the top-down perspective, you can observe the entire battlefield. As well as directing military units to attack according to their own strategies. Aim to destroy all enemy forces, as well as destroy their bases. From there will successfully occupy the territory to expand the military base.

Download Call of Duty: Heroes Mod – Build a Military Base to Invade and Expand the Territory

Before opening the invasion wars in Call of Duty: Heroes Mod. You need to build a military base in an empty land. Build a solid defense system to prevent enemy attacks. Through the powerful defensive weapons provided by the system. Including sentinel guns, turrets, gun turrets, radars, anti-tank mines, laser guns, anti-aircraft mines, etc. There are many other types of weapons to use. Equip the most modern and advanced weapons to build a solid defense system. As soon as the enemy force appeared. The defense system will attack violently to thwart their intentions. Besides, you also have to build the city walls. Creates a solid shield, strengthens the defense system. Make it difficult for enemies to enter the command center.Download Call of Duty Heroes Mod

Construction of resource production works

Besides the task of building a defense system for the military base. You also have to build buildings to collect resources. From there, you can recruit military heroes. At Call of Duty: Heroes Mod there are many different constructions. For example, gold storage, metal storage, oil storage, etc. In parallel, there are constructions to produce resources. Typically oil pumps, gold diggers, mineral miners, etc. There are many other constructions works to serve the production. However, each project will have its own requirements. Not just enough amount of money. It also depends on the level of the command center. Each building will be unlocked when the command center reaches the corresponding level. Only then can you use the money to build up.Tai Call of Duty Heroes Mod

Military units

In Call of Duty: Heroes Mod owns many different military units. Through the military constructions built in the base. You can recruit military combat units. Includes soldiers, robots, armored tanks, planes, and more. All combat units can be upgraded to increase their strength. Based on the level of the command center, combine the number of resources obtained. Upgrading military units will increase the odds of winning in aggressive wars. Especially the soldier units, the pioneers in the wars. You can recruit many different units of soldiers. From ordinary soldiers to soldiers equipped with iron shields. And what’s more, the units have superior abilities.Game Call of Duty Heroes Mod

The course of the invasion battle

The war of aggression begins at Simon Ghost Riley. Your mission is to bring military combat units into the battlefield. The goal is to destroy the command center in the enemy barracks. During the battle. You will have to come up with an effective attack strategy to break through the enemy defenses. Direct army units to attack in various directions. Destroy all buildings. After the enemy command center is destroyed, the battle will end. From there you will get resources and experience points. Can be used to build bases, recruit more new combat units. Continue to participate in the next invasion battles. Shows the smart strategy of a commander. Occupy all enemy barracks to expand the territory.Call of Duty Heroes Mod

Simon Ghost Riley provides a diverse system of military heroes. These include Simon Ghost Riley, Captain John Price, Mike Harper, and John Soap MacTavish. Each hero has their own lead strategy. At the same time, the fighting ability of the heroes is also shown through the stats. Through level, exp, health, physical damage, attack rate, attack range, and accuracy. Each hero possesses outstanding combat ability. During the battle. They can wreak havoc on enemy bases. For example, firing from a helicopter. Or drop a rocket to create a huge explosion.

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