Bus Simulator Vietnam Mod APK 6.1.5 (Private)
Bus Simulator Vietnam Mod APK 6.1.5 (Private)

Bus Simulator Vietnam Mod APK 6.1.5 (Private)

By thetoan - March 12, 2022
Name Bus Simulator Vietnam
Version 6.1.5
MOD Features Private
Size 97M
Requires Android 4.1
Category Simulation
Get It On Google Play
Price FREE $7
Publisher Web3o Technology
Update March 12, 2022 (4 months ago )

Bus Simulator Vietnam Mod is a simulation game from the publisher Web3o Technology. Right from the title of the game, you can easily recognize it as a bus driving simulation game. And more specifically, this bus driving will happen in a very familiar context, which is the country roads of Vietnam. Surely you are no stranger to buses because it is a very popular means of transportation for everyone, especially students and students. However, driving a bus is probably something that not everyone can do. So this experience will give you a feeling of both newness and closeness. You will find it really addictive with its surreal driving mechanics and unique bus system.

Download Bus Simulator Vietnam Mod – Enjoy realistic driving mechanics

Bus Simulator Vietnam has just been launched recently and is now available on Google Play. Even so, this game has attracted a lot of players on mobile and received a lot of feedback. It can satisfy gamers who love the simulation genre and bus driving mechanics. Besides, it also leaves many beautiful impressions in the hearts of gamers when it has excellently described the scenes of Vietnam on the 3D graphics platform. In addition, the game is constantly updated with many new contents. Therefore, it will continue to improve to bring the best experience to the fans.


Choose your favorite bus

Bus Simulator Vietnam really surprised us when owning a super unique car collection. There are dozens and even hundreds of vehicles from buses to sleeper buses belonging to many different brands. For example, you can find Duc Dat cars, Hao Huong cars, Viet Tan Phat cars, and more. Each vehicle comes in a variety of paint colors and comes with replacement accessories. Moreover, every detail of the car from the overall appearance of the car to the smaller details such as rearview mirror, vehicle name, wheels, seats, steering wheel, main door, side door, … are described very well. lively. Thanks to that, you can see that the car in the game does not look much different from the real thing.

Therefore, it is not difficult for players to find and choose a favorite car to start their journey in the game. Despite their different looks, the cars will have pretty similar driving mechanics. Therefore, players can quickly access the car control right from the first experience. Driving includes familiar operations such as controlling the steering wheel, increasing/decreasing speed, turning left, turning right, forward, backward, honk… Besides, it also includes a number of other auxiliary operations such as: Open the car door, close the car door, look in the rearview mirror …


Make trips

If you’ve chosen your favorite car, it’s time to take a few long road trips to enjoy the real driving experience. Bus Simulator Vietnam Mod brings 3 maps with familiar country roads in Vietnam. You can explore all those maps and repeat the rides until you fully enjoy this exciting experience. Focus on your steering wheel because the road will be quite small and crowded. Your task is not only to control the car to make it run but also to obey the traffic rules.

The game’s surreal driving mechanics will delight you. It has been edited many times and is currently the best version to play on phones. The steering wheel is integrated into the middle of the screen, while other features are also displayed visually on the experience interface. In particular, the rearview mirror has been repositioned closer to the field of view, making observation more convenient. So there’s nothing stopping you from having an enjoyable trip as a driver. The beautiful scenery of the Vietnamese countryside with houses, streets, trees, grocery stores… all look very vivid and real.


3D graphics with bright colors

Bus Simulator Vietnam owns a sharp 3D graphics platform and has an eye-catching color combination. The game context is quite diverse and vividly described, highlighting the familiar beautiful scenes of Vietnam. Besides, the bus system is very unique with diverse and realistic designs. They are an endless inspiration for gamers to practice hard and unlock new cars. In addition, in terms of sound, it is also quite impressive with gentle musical melodies and sounds on the track. The sound of the wind whispering, the sound of the bus engine, the noise … is quite clear.


Bus Simulator Vietnam Mod is a great simulation game for those who love the bus driving experience. Let’s temporarily put aside the feeling of being immersed in the speed of modern motorsport games, this is a light and refreshing experience that you cannot miss. You can become a real driver and have great rides to explore all the sights. Besides, you will find many new scenes in the next updated versions.

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