Bullet Echo APK 4.3.2
Bullet Echo APK 4.3.2

Bullet Echo APK 4.3.2

By CBCC - January 4, 2022
Name Bullet Echo
Version 4.0.5
Size 154MB
Requires Android 6.0
Category Role Playing
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Price FREE
Publisher ZeptoLab
Update January 4, 2022 (2 weeks ago )

Bullet Echo Mod is a role-playing game. Designed completely new shooting action gameplay. You become a hero, leading your teammates to participate in online battles. Fight with other powerful enemies, they are professional shooters. Possesses top-notch shooting ability, has a lot of experience in battles. With the map covered in a black shadow. Can only be illuminated by the equipped flashlight. This makes your vision limited, very dangerous. Just a small mistake can make you pay for your mistake. The game belongs to the online shooter genre. You have the opportunity to accompany other players. As well as fighting enemies with extensive experience in these vision-restricted battles.

Download Bullet Echo Mod – Online Shooting In A Dark Space

Enter the battle of Bullet Echo Mod. You accompany 2 other gunmen on a dark battlefield. Use the equipped flashlight to light the way, as well as find the enemy. Listen for footsteps or through the shooting action of enemies to detect their location. In a large battlefield, you can move freely. But you need to be very careful because it is impossible to know the enemy’s position. Likewise, the enemy does not know the exact location of your team. You can only attack through skill and experience. Combine with teammates’ illuminated flashlights. Even when teammates lose their lives, their flashlights are still lit. From there, you can detect the enemy’s movement position. As soon as you spot them, fire quickly. Defeat enemies before you lose your life.Bullet Echo Mod

The view from the top down, the treasure gradually narrows

During the battle in Bullet Echo Mod. You can only observe obstacles, objects that appear on the battlefield. With a top-down view to help you see the whole. At the same time, the map will automatically shrink over time. Makes the pace of the game increase, as well as the gunmen closer together. At that time, your battle will face a lot of difficulties. Because there may be constant fighting, the map is gradually shrinking. If you lose focus or have no combat experience. You may have to die on the battlefield.Ear Bullet Echo Mod

Reload ammunition, first aid box, take advantage of the terrain

During the battle in Bullet Echo Mod, you have the opportunity to find ammunition and first aid boxes. Quickly advancing to use will help your gun to be loaded. As well as being able to recover blood when using the first aid box. Besides focusing on finding the enemy, you need to learn how to defend yourself in case of danger. Because your blood is not always full. Quickly hide behind walls or a surrounding object. Take advantage of the terrain, shine the flashlight at a certain location. Wait for the opportunity when the enemy moves through, quickly fire bullets will cause the enemy to be defeated.Download Bullet Echo Mod

Diverse online game modes

As an online shooter, Bullet Echo Mod offers a variety of game modes. Participate in team-versus-team mode. You assemble a team to fight the opposing team in real-time combat. Build a strategy, support each other in the battle to destroy the entire enemy faction. Battle Royal mode takes you to dramatic battles with 5 small teams. Takedown each enemy team in turn to complete the mission. Or challenge yourself in 1vs1 solo mode. Show rich combat experience, as well as professional shooting skills. Defeat the enemy to win. No matter which model you join, strategy and focus on combat are two indispensable factors. You need to improve and gain experience from the battles you have experienced.

Graphics, sound

Built on a sharp 3D platform. The picture quality is mostly submerged in a dark space. Illuminated only when illuminated by a flashlight. However, this is also the factor that helps Bullet Echo Mod leave an impression on players. A unique space, impressively designed. Make your experience more engaging and enjoyable than ever. Combining realistic sound quality, expressed through gunfire, footsteps.Game Bullet Echo Mod

The heroin Bullet Echo Mod is designed with an impressive appearance. Bring many different fighting styles. Each hero has its own set of fighting skills. That means their fighting ability is also different. Through the displayed strength parameter of each hero that the system provides. You can choose a favorite hero to role-play. Keep fighting in the upcoming dramatic battles. At the same time, upgrading heroes will help increase combat ability. At that time, the hero can deal massive damage to the enemy.

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