Build a Bridge! Mod APK 4.0.9 (Unlimited Coins)

By CBCC - September 20, 2021
Build a Bridge! Mod APK 4.0.9 (Unlimited Coins)
Name Build a Bridge!
Version 4.0.9
MOD Features Unlimited Coins
Size 86MB
Requires Android 5.0
Category Puzzle
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Price FREE
Publisher BoomBit Games
Update September 20, 2021 (1 week ago )

Build a Bridge! Mod is a puzzle game published by BoomBit Games. With a construction style, the player will become a talented fisherman. Inspired by reality, about the construction of bridges to allow vehicles to pass. The game challenges your skills, by building bridges to let cars pass in the safest way. Although the gameplay of the game is quite simple, it has received nearly 30,000 positive reviews from the audience. That proves that the gameplay has won the hearts of the audience.

Download Build a Bridge! Mod – Design and Build the Safest Bridge

Join Build a Bridge! Mod the player will become a design engineer. With the task of building complete bridges to allow vehicles to move safely. The control system is simple, you will quickly get used to it as soon as you enter the first screen. Perform a tap and move on the screen, to assemble the materials. In the process, it requires the player to have a knowledge of physics to come up with the right method. Because of the weight of the vehicle, the bridge can collapse at any time. For example, if you just built a regular straight bridge without supports or ropes. Then surely in a short time, the bridge will collapse, even broken the first time the car enters. The type of game built mainly on the physics knowledge you have, to provide the safest and most optimal solution. In order to do that,Build a Bridge! Mod

Interesting gameplay

During gameplay, Build a Bridge! Mod gives you a lot of building materials. They are made from many different materials, including gold, wood, metal, plastic, etc. After passing the first few levels, the system will provide additional steel cables. Helps you create the strongest and most durable bridges. After the bridge is built, the player will have to check its durability. By letting the car move over, if the car moves through safely and towards the destination. You will win and get a lot of bonuses. On the contrary, if unfortunately, the vehicle has an accident in the process of moving, the project is considered a failure. This means that the player will have to replay that level and design a completely new building. That would take a lot of time,Download Build a Bridge! Mod

Attractive level

Let players freely explore and experience without being bored. Build a Bridge! The mod offers more than 86 different levels. Each level is a challenge for you to build. In the early stages, the game screen is quite easy to help you get used to the gameplay. However, the difficulty of the game will gradually increase each time you move to the next level. Now the player doesn’t just have to build the bridge in a straight line. Instead, there are many entrance points for you to build into a complete bridge. And the terrain is difficult and the distance to build the bridge will be longer. Sometimes you can’t even build a complete fishing rod. But only physics can be applied to create momentum for the car to fly to the destination. Also, the game has 2 modes including classic and sandbox. For the classic mode, you will pass each level of the game in turn to complete the mission.Tai Build a Bridge! Mod

Make a lot of money

At a level, you can reach a maximum of 3 stars. However, to do that, players need to build bridges safely and optimally with materials. Then Build a Bridge! The mod will be based on the number of stars you have achieved to give the corresponding bonus. Using that money, players can buy hints to know how they need to build a bridge. The game offers you a diverse racing system with a lot of different car models. From cars, pickup trucks, fire trucks to large off-road vehicles, all appear in the game. Besides, players will experience a lot of different maps. Like in the cold Antarctic, or on the islands in the sea. Each map will display different adventures for you to discover many new things.Game Build a Bridge! Mod

Using that amount you can win easily. By paying to buy hints and create the most complete and secure bridge. Also, Build a Bridge! Mod is designed with simple 2D graphics. The image quality is not too sharp but has plenty of bright colors. Enough to meet the necessary requirements for players to experience. The context is diverse with many different cars, creating a feeling of closeness and not being boring. Mix soft sounds, with fun background music. Make you feel more excited when participating.

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