Brutal Age: Horde Invasion Mod APK 1.0.21 (Unlimited Money)

By CBCC - September 13, 2021
Brutal Age: Horde Invasion Mod APK 1.0.21 (Unlimited Money)
Name Brutal Age: Horde Invasion
Version 0.5.01
MOD Features Unlimited Money
Size 127MB
Requires Android 4.1
Category Strategy
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Price FREE
Publisher tap4fun
Update September 13, 2021 (2 weeks ago )

Become a Chief in Brutal Age: Horde Invasion Mod. Your mission is to develop your tribe and build a powerful empire. Build camps, gather resources, summon battle armies to participate in ancient wars. A series of tasks and activities you need to perform. The game belongs to the genre of strategy games, requiring the player’s management skills. Divide the work and do it in the most efficient way. At the same time bring the ancient human army to open wars with other tribes. This will be an extremely interesting game, giving you the experience of living in prehistoric times. Along with the work of hunting, searching, and gathering resources are reproduced very realistically.

Download Brutal Age: Horde Invasion Mod – Tribal Development in Prehistoric Times

Brutal Age: Horde Invasion Mod is set in prehistoric times. Where the ancient people lived in the backward period. Living tools and weapons are all made from stone and tree trunks. However, they knew how to live together to protect themselves, by forming a tribe. For the purpose of survival and fighting against the harsh environment. Here, you play the role of a chief. Can run the army and hold the right to manage the land. At the same time is responsible for the lives of everyone in his tribe. Provide food to sustain people’s lives. Arrange work for them to develop the tribe together. Collect materials to build ancient structures. A series of missions of a chief is waiting for you to explore. Performing each task in turn, you will bring your tribe into a powerful tribe.Brutal Age Horde Invasion mod

Resource gathering

Food and wood are the 2 main types of resources in Brutal Age: Horde Invasion Mod. They are very important because direct is used to perform all kinds of different activities. There are many ways to gather resources. Complete assigned tasks or receive rewards from time gift boxes. Participate in prehistoric animal hunts, defeat them with your army. You can even plant a gold tree, which over time will produce its own resources. Besides, resources don’t just help you build buildings. But it also plays an important role during your journey. From upgrading, unlocking to summoning combat troops.Brutal Age Horde Invasion Mod


Each building in Brutal Age: Horde Invasion Mod plays a unique role. Build a full range of different constructions on the land you manage. That will help you build your own tribe. For example, the camp was used to summon an army of ancient people, the well was used to provide drinking water for the people. Over time, the number of people in the tribe increased day by day. To maintain stability in the tribe, you will have to build new buildings.Download Brutal Age Horde Invasion Mod

PvP and PvE. Modes

Besides developing the tribe, Brutal Age: Horde Invasion Mod also provides 2 main modes for you to experience. Coming to PvE mode, you can form alliances with the chiefs of other tribes. Join them to lead an army to fight beasts like dinosaurs, elephants, and wild boars. Or develop the tribe together, while protecting the tribe from wars with the armies of other chiefs. Besides, the PvP mode is more dramatic. Here, you summon an army of prehistoric people, sending them into fierce battles. Defeat armies of other chiefs, win, and rob rare resources.

15 combat units

In Brutal Age: Horde Invasion Mod there are a total of 15 different combat units. They are all ancient people, armed with weapons and possessing muscular and magical strength. Typically such as Marauder, Protector, Warrior, Dragonmaster, Valkyrie, … and many other units. Each unit has its own fighting style, and its strength and appearance are not the same. For example, Dragonmaster is a warrior riding a dragon, Valkyrie is an angel, possessing magical powers. Or the Marauder is a high-level ancient warrior with a large body, using 2 stone axes as weapons. Utilizing the effective power of each unit will help you easily win battles.Game Brutal Age Horde Invasion Mod

Graphics of Brutal Age: Horde Invasion Mod are designed on a sharp 3D platform. Character creation and works are depicted vividly. In particular, the game provides zooming and zooming features. You can zoom in or out to see detailed terrain of mountains, forests, lakes, etc. Using this feature will help you manage your territory. It is also possible to watch the battle between the prehistoric human army. Vibrant sound combinations are shown throughout the game. Horns and horns are sounded every time you summon an army, the dramatic sound of battles. Bringing you a vivid and exciting experience like never before.

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