Braindom 2 Mod APK 1.3.8 (Unlocked)
Braindom 2 Mod APK 1.3.8 (Unlocked)

Braindom 2 Mod APK 1.3.8 (Unlocked)

By CBCC - November 25, 2021
Name Braindom 2: Who is who? iq . game puzzle master
Version 1.3.8
MOD Features Unlocked
Size 147MB
Requires Android 5.0
Category Puzzle
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Price FREE
Publisher Matchingham Games
Update November 25, 2021 (4 days ago )

Braindom 2 Mod brings you to difficult puzzles, but no less interesting. The game revolves around the question “who is it”? This is considered one of the highly challenging games. Test your reasoning and thinking abilities. Find out the most accurate answer to the question “who is it”. Developer Matchingham Games uses 3D graphics. Create a comfortable puzzle space for you. Add more fun and have a more vivid view of puzzles. Icons and images in bright colors. Mix and match fun musical tunes through challenges. Not stopping there, the game belongs to the puzzle game genre. Players can experience it for free on mobile platforms. With hundreds of questions online with increasing difficulty. Promises to bring you the most interesting puzzles, and can improve your brain.

Download Braindom 2 Mod – Puzzle Game With Hard Questions

The gameplay of Braindom 2 Mod is quite simple. You participate in each level to solve puzzles. Each puzzle deals with a variety of topics and content. Requires your thinking skills and logic to pass. Observe the picture of the puzzle, combine the hints and find out clearly what the question wants to ask. Choose the most correct answer to complete the challenge. Continue to step to the next level, the difficulty will increase. Solve each question in turn by increasing levels to complete the task. With the goal of becoming a puzzle master. However, to do that is a process, requiring your brain thinking. Find the correct answer to the puzzle at each level.Download Braindom 2 Mod

Thinking and observation skills

Each puzzle in Braindom 2 Mod is a different brain challenge. Sometimes trick your thinking and brain. Even in each puzzle, there are some extremely difficult situations. Makes you wonder which answer to choose because the answers are quite similar. So before starting to choose an answer. You need to match the clues hidden in the words of the question. Along with the image of the puzzle itself to think and think of the most correct answer. Beat the puzzle with the most correct answer, from which, you will receive a bonus. At the same time enjoy the feeling of victory when overcoming challenges.Tai Braindom 2 Mod

The difficulty, use hints

Pass each challenge in turn, you will move to the next level. At the same time, the difficulty of each puzzle is also increased. If you want to pass the challenge, you need to improve your puzzle skills. Or you can use suggestions from Braindom 2 Mod. Then you can find the solution to the problem you are wondering about. From that provided hint, you can solve the puzzle quickly, with the most correct answer. Complete the challenge and continue the journey to conquer the next puzzle. To become a puzzle master.Braindom 2 Mod

Use and collect Brain Points

In Braindom 2 Mod there is the main currency, which is Brain Points. This is the only currency you can use. It helps you unlock hints when encountering difficult questions. For example, when you have tried everything but can’t find the answer. Or can’t get any other help. Then, using hints is the most appropriate choice for you to have the opportunity to find the answer. What’s more, Brain Points also helps you to pass the puzzle quickly, no need to solve the puzzle. However, this makes your experience uninteresting. Because you can’t use your brain to overcome. However, Brain Points are very difficult to earn, you should not abuse them too much. If you want to get more Brain Points, you can watch promotional videos. Or simply complete the challenge to receive.

Level 1, level 2

Start level 1 of Braindom 2 Mod. Your quiz is “who is pregnant?” Here, you have a task to find the pregnant among the 3 women on the screen. This question is quite simple, you just need to touch and drag down the belly of each woman. Then use the magnifying glass to choose the most correct answer. Go to level 2 with the question “who is dating him?” You need to find the girl who is dating the guy. By pulling the boy’s scarf, identify 1 of the 3 girls by the kiss mark on the boy’s neck. Pass each level in turn to complete hundreds of different levels. You will become a puzzle master.Game Braindom 2 Mod

Coming to Braindom 2 Mod you can not only challenge yourself with puzzles. It also helps the brain to improve, improve processing ability more flexibly. As well as improve memory and increase brain movement. The game is not only an entertaining game but also helps your brain develop. With simple gameplay, but to overcome extremely difficult.

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