Brain Test Mod APK 2.726 (Unlimited Hints)
Brain Test Mod APK 2.726 (Unlimited Hints)

Brain Test Mod APK 2.726 (Unlimited Hints)

By thetoan - January 18, 2022
Name Brain Test
Version 2.726
MOD Features Unlimited Hints
Size 92M
Requires Android 4.4
Category Puzzle
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Price FREE
Publisher Unico Studio
Update January 18, 2022 (2 days ago )

Brain Test Mod is a super fun puzzle game to challenge your mind and thinking. It has hundreds of puzzles that are inspired by life’s problems but are refreshed with a humorous cartoon style. You will have to interact with the pictures in each puzzle to solve the required puzzles. But they are not as easy as you think, many tough puzzles will make you strain your brain. Simplicity, sophistication, fun, and rewarding are the words to describe this game. Just tap the screen to play the puzzle but each puzzle is a different knowledge. Not every solution is correct, even if you think it makes sense. So sometimes you will have to try again and again to find the answer. Let’s see if you’re crazy about this game.

Download Brain Test Mod – Exercise for the brain every day

You know, not only do your limbs need to exercise every day, but the brain also needs its own exercises. If you haven’t found the brain training method you like, try Brain Test, the puzzle game that has reached over 100 million installs on Google Play. It will make you excited with hundreds of fun but useful quizzes that help test and train IQ. Nothing too complicated, but the puzzles can make you think for a long time. Knowledge mainly revolves around everyday situations to test your reasoning ability and problem-solving skills. So it is suitable for everyone, from children to adults. You may not realize its effects immediately, but it is really effective to help exercise the brain, stimulate creativity and thinking, especially useful for children.


Funny quizzes, the answers are equally funny

The puzzles in Brain Test are built with funny cartoon style. It will make you always feel close and relaxed while playing. The puzzle system is very rich, on many different topics from animals, plants to houses, learning, health, spirit, music, and more. It seems to cover everything in real life, giving you a feeling of playing while learning but very fun and comfortable. Each quiz will include a request (written in the text at the top of the screen), illustrations, and an answer. But in each level, the puzzle will be different, the illustration and the answer will of course also be different. Besides, the puzzle genre is also randomly arranged, sometimes it’s a math quiz, sometimes it’s a word puzzle, sometimes it’s an interactive picture quiz…

Fun and diverse puzzles are one thing, and the answers are equally funny. You will have to be a person with extensive knowledge to conquer all the puzzles in Brain Test Mod. Because the more diverse the question, the richer the answer will be. Sometimes the puzzle is like an interactive picture quiz, but the answer is a word trick. It’s really hard to guess, so you have to spend time trying many ways, but only one is correct. Sometimes the answer is something you never thought of. While you are using your brain and deep knowledge, the answer is the simplest. That’s why we say “nearly right in front of you, but you think it’s far from the horizon”. Then when you find the answer, you will find it funny.


Suggestion system

With confidence, you will always try to find the answer to every puzzle in the Brain Test. But really, you can’t always solve it. Therefore, if you are really stuck in a puzzle, you can use the game’s hints. The suggestion system is also very diverse, but not free. All are integrated at the bottom of the screen, including a light bulb icon, a gift box, a video, and a “next” icon. Each icon will have a different effect, for example, the light bulb will show you the answer, the “next” icon will help skip the game screen … Of course, you will have to pay when you receive the hint, that’s you will consume your light bulbs or see ads.


Friendly image

As mentioned from the beginning, Brain Test impresses many gamers thanks to its fun cartoon graphic style. You can see all the icons, images, words … in the game look quite doodle, like a baby’s drawing. Therefore, they look quite cute, creating a relaxing feeling for every gamer when playing. Besides, light, joyful music is also a factor to helps the brain relieve stress, create concentration and stimulate the imagination.

Brain Test Mod is an option not to be missed for every gamer. It may not be the first choice all the time, but it will be an enjoyable experience in your spare time. For example, you can play it while sitting on the bus, at break time, while waiting for someone… Since this game can work even offline, you can play it whenever you want. Fun and relaxing and healthy for the brain, what could be better?

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