Bonbon Cakery Mod 2.1.7 (Unlimited coins, medals)
Bonbon Cakery Mod 2.1.7 (Unlimited coins, medals)

Bonbon Cakery Mod 2.1.7 (Unlimited coins, medals)

By CMB - October 12, 2021
Name Bonbon Cakery
Version 2.1.7
MOD Features Unlimited coins, medals
Size 34MB
Requires Android 4.4+
Category Casual
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Price FREE
Publisher Kairosoft Co.,Ltd
Update October 12, 2021 (3 days ago )

If you love and want to become a professional baker. Come to Bonbon Cakery where everyone can satisfy their passion. Gameplay will give players something new and exciting in cooking. It will be great to see the results that I make after so much effort and effort. Show off your amazing baking skills in Bonbon Cakery. Don’t worry too much because you don’t know how to make many different types of cakes. Because the system will provide very detailed formula tables. Just follow and you have a great product already. After completing the basics. It is also the time when players can open their own pastry shop. Start a business and profit from it. In the process of doing, constantly improve yourself, create great achievements in your career.

Download Bonbon Cakery Mod – Become the best pastry maker

In Bonbon cakery mod, players will manage everything in their shop. From decoration, time management to essential application storage, etc… Players seem to be immersed in the sweet space where delicious cakes are created. In addition to creating beautiful products, players also need to come up with suitable business strategies for their stores. Do whatever it takes to attract the most customers. You can name the store yourself as you like. Who knows, after the pastry competitions, they can win the first prize and put their name on the rankings. Become the best-selling bakery brand in the market. Give yourself a reputation in the market so that people can trust and order. Things will not be too difficult if you know how to try, always hone and perfect your skills. After getting acquainted for a while, players will no longer need the instructions of the system but can create their own cake recipes. Constantly innovating to make them more attractive and delicious.

Bonbon Cakery mod

Participate in baking contests

Players can create their own cake recipes. Then show off in competitions. The jury will give comments and marks. That’s something new only in Bonbon cakery Mod. Your cake may not have won the hearts of the judges at first, but don’t be sad. Let’s learn from experience and improve gradually, try harder for the next time. Because they are the ones who give you the best advice. And also know very well that you have to make the new cake more perfect.

Bonbon Cakery mod apk

Introducing new cakes

As professional bakers instead of making available recipes, players can freely create the recipe as they want. All the necessary tools are in the kitchen, finding tools such as a plate, an ice cream bar, or a mold … will be too simple when it is a place you are familiar with. Delicious cream cakes created by your skillful hands. Get ideas and start creating amazing cakes right away. Or you can also ask customers for their opinions on their favorite tastes. Then make the requested cakes. If satisfied, they will rate you with the highest number of stars.

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Satisfy the taste of customers

To create delicious cakes that satisfy customers sometimes has to depend on the weather and each season. For example, in the summer, make cakes with light colors, moderate sweetness to prevent the cream from melting too quickly. In winter, you always have to keep the freshness of the cakes, otherwise, they will harden and lose their original taste. Paying attention to even the smallest details can conquer fastidious customers. You should not have only one type of cake in the store, but regularly change them to suit the needs of the market.

Training Employees

To help increase the productivity of the shop, players can hire more new employees. You can appoint them to each necessary and corresponding position. For example Receptionist, waitress, waiter, etc. Train each employee to do their job well. In addition, when serving customers, they will help you record your comments about the cakes. Like needing more sweetness, more beautiful decoration, or need to increase the luxury of the cake, etc. After those times, players should meet with the staff and discuss more those ideas to draw experience for them. next times.

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Bonbon Cakery is a rather novel game compared to other cooking games. Players can be as creative as they want without any restrictions. Gradually changing and fixing you will build a brand with your delicious cakes. Show your talent and create the most delicious cake. Satisfy every customer and create a reputation in the market. Become the most trusted pastry shop. Let’s experience the work of a baker in Bonbon Cakery Mod.

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