Bomber Friends Mod APK 4.38 (Unlocked Skins)
Bomber Friends Mod APK 4.38 (Unlocked Skins)

Bomber Friends Mod APK 4.38 (Unlocked Skins)

By LMH - January 14, 2022
Name Bomber Friends
Version 4.38
MOD Features Unlocked Skins
Size 116MB
Requires Android 5.0
Category Action
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Price FREE
Publisher Hyperkani
Update January 14, 2022 (3 days ago )

The bombing character game is no longer strange to us, is an extremely legendary game of childhood that surely everyone has experienced. Is a game that controls the character to move and place timed bombs to break the path and destroy other opponents. The first bombshell versions that have appeared since 1983 and have caused fever in all ages are something that has created a beautiful childhood for us. Now, the Bomber Friends Mod bombing game with new improvements in all aspects compared to previous versions has created an extremely large number of players up to tens of millions of people. Download the game now to be able to experience this most exciting game.

Download Bomber Friends Mod – Set Bombs With Friends

Bomber Friends Mod is a bomb-laying game that is almost identical to its predecessors, improved on more beautiful graphics. New and extremely interesting features promise to bring you the best entertainment moments. The main factor that determines the appeal of the game is the unique and interesting gameplay, you will move your character on a certain limited map. Place bombs to destroy obstacles and pick up items that help you upgrade in speed, bomb damage, or the number of bombs placed at the same time. The flexibility and agility, plus a little calculation factor, make this fun action game extremely explosive.

Bomber Friends Mod

Rich gameplay

Every time you start a new game, you and 3 other people will be taken to certain map terrain with different scenes and items. The gameplay of Hack Bomber Friends is that you will control 1 of those 4 characters to destroy all the remaining opponents. There are all buttons such as moving up and down, left and right… You will destroy the enemy or destroy the obstacles with time bombs by placing them on the ground with the button on the screen, then lose them. It takes a few seconds for the bomb to explode. Destroying obstacles will help you pick up very useful items to increase your strength. The bomb will explode in the vertical and horizontal directions along with the nature that takes a few seconds to explode, which will require a lot of calculation to be able to finish the opponent.

Diverse game modes

In Bomber Friends Mod, you will have many different game modes to not be too boring. There are 5 modes for you that are: Classic mode: is the default mode of the game where you will be one of 4 characters to destroy the remaining opponents. Adventure mode: in this mode, you will join with other characters to plant bombs to defeat the monsters in the levels. Multiplayer mode: to make players more interesting, in this mode we will play with 6-8 other characters, the last survivor is the winner. Team Battle Mode: This is a mode that will be divided into 2 teams of different colors, synergistically to be able to destroy all opponents.

Game Bomber Friends Mod

Graphics of the game

The graphics of the Bomber Friends Mod game is what almost brings it more interesting than the games of the same genre, which is the reason that tens of millions of players have joined the game. With an ideal foundation, beautiful vivid 2D graphic design, with fresh playing colors or deep colors that will change continuously through different levels. \Your emotions will not be constrained when there are diverse maps to play. Character images are customized in a variety of ways and can be customized according to the individual player’s style. You can choose male or female characters and choose for your character the costumes and faces to your liking. Along with that, the game sound system is extremely fun.

With the mod version of Bomber Friends Mod, we will experience great features that make us excited. In the game, there will be a series of equipment lists for the character from the legs to the head. Being able to change the outfit we like, we will need to do certain tasks and accumulate certain items. But with this Bomber Friends mod version, you have unlocked all the costumes, you can choose anything according to your preferences.

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