Download Blue Archive game global 1.37.133980 (New Version) for Android iOs
Download Blue Archive game global 1.37.133980 (New Version) for Android iOs

Download Blue Archive game global 1.37.133980 (New Version) for Android iOs

By lyly - May 21, 2022
Name Blue Archive
Version 1.37.133980
MOD Features No
Size 97M
Requires Android 5.0
Category Games, Role Playing
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Price FREE
Publisher NEXON Company
Genre ,
Update May 21, 2022 (1 month ago )

Blue Archive game global is a role-playing game first published in Japan by developer Yostar. Currently, it has a global version after more than 9 months of release.

About Blue Archive

Blue Archive game global is an RPG game (game incarnation, role-playing). It has the same publisher as two famous games, Azur Lane and Arknights. These are the top rated games of the gaming people in the world.

When you play the game, you will be assigned to become a consultant at the Federal Investigative Club Schale, Kivotos. Here, you and your teammates will solve problems from simple to complex that take place in Kivotos.

How to play the game Blue Archive game global

Blue Archive game global is a role-playing game, so it is natural to transform into a character. Here you will have a task as a strategist to direct the students with super cute Chibi drawings. The easiest thing to imagine is that your task is like a football coach.

You will be the one to arrange the squad. The squad in the game Blue Archive game global will include different routes such as: Striker, Special Agent, Defender, Frontline, Midfield,…Each position will have a different role and it will help you win the battle. Win if you have a smart strategy. Besides, you can also use a type of energy that is very useful in helping students have super moves. That energy is called: Renewable. 

Remember to pay attention to the arrangement of the squad as well as the types of energy to achieve the best playing results.

Activities in the game 


Your army consists of students with different levels. The gacha machine is where you have your students by turning the camera. The level of the student you can shoot will be sorted by star: 1 star, 2 star, 3 star. Each star will be assigned a power display ratio: 1 star = 79% ; 2 stars = 18.5% ; 3 stars = 2.5%. 

Students in the game Blue Archive game global will also have weapons, skills, abilities, … with their own energy levels, not the same. That is also the difference that makes you always expect to have 1-star students. Simply because it is the strongest. 

In addition, you can also strengthen the students by wearing battle costumes. Each student will have 3 different levels of costumes, this is also the item you get when you overcome many challenges.

Weekly Missions

There is one weekly mission that you should not miss, which is to beat the boss. These battles will help you level up skills, have many items. Every day, you can drag troops to fight the boss but not more than 3 times. The maximum is not allowed to exceed 21 matches per week. At the end of the week you will receive the total score and ranking. The reward will appear in the mailbox, be sure to check it.

In addition, Blue Archive game global also has very attractive 1:1 matches and extremely generous and unexpected rewards. You should participate, only 5 times per day.


The game Create cute Chibi and sharp 3D graphics bring a unique color unlike other role-playing games. Blue Archive game global will bring you a very different and new feeling. The artist’s elaborate drawings, movements, and enthusiasm will not let you down. 

I believe you will have to say: It’s so cool to see. Excellent graphics guys!

1. Is Blue Archive APK safe for your Android phone?

The answer is yes. The APK version of Blue Archive only tweaks some features to give you a smoother experience. You should download the APK file on just to be safe.

2. Is Blue Archive game global a scam?

Blue Archive APK is a safe role-playing game, fun to play, not a scam.

3. IsBlue Archive game global playable on PC? 

You can play. We have a PC version for you in the download section.

Download now Blue Archive APK for Android, iOS

An RPG game is cool, good stuff like Blue Archive game global if you don’t play it, it’s too much of a waste. You can download it right on LMHMod to play right away, experience to see if what I say is standard.

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