Bed Wars Mod APK 2.7.8 (Unlimited Money)
Bed Wars Mod APK 2.7.8 (Unlimited Money)

Bed Wars Mod APK 2.7.8 (Unlimited Money)

By CBCC - May 26, 2022
Name Bed Wars
Version 2.7.8
MOD Features Unlimited Money
Size 140MB
Requires Android 4.1
Category Action
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Price FREE
Publisher Blockman GO Studio
Update May 26, 2022 (1 month ago )

Bed Wars Mod is an action game, designed with 3D Pixel graphics. The game opens up a vivid, colorful world. Along with a series of activities, the war took place regularly. The background is built on the vast sky. Islands floating in the sky, with white clouds. Promises to create for you a vivid, brilliant world with impressive space. Players experience battles between warriors. Combine your teamwork and tactical ability. Fight in the wonderland, destroy the opponent’s bed. Also protect your bed, preventing your opponent from respawning after being defeated by you. Win by killing all enemies in one battle.

Download Bed Wars Mod – Battle In The Floating Isles In The Sky

Start the war of Bed Wars Mod. You allied with other warriors to form a team of 4. Participating in the war there are a total of 16 warriors, including 4 teams. Here, teams will fight on different islands. With the goal of destroying the opponent’s bed to win. Build bridges to move to other islands. Actively attack enemies before they attack you. At the same time, collect resources to upgrade weapons, helping warriors increase the ability to damage each hit. Use items when needed, this helps you quickly destroy enemy beds. The game requires very high teamwork. Requires teamwork, each person having a job and supporting each other in the fight. Build an effective strategy between you and your teammates.Bed Wars Mod

Defend your bed, destroy the enemy’s bed

During the war of Bed Wars Mod. Players need to pay attention to their bed, this is the most important factor, deciding your victory or defeat. Right at the beginning of the game, you have to hide your bed in a good position. Find ways to protect the bed and not let the enemy approach. Because as long as you have a bed, there is still a chance to win. If you lose your life, unfortunately, you can still revive and continue the battle. Simultaneously with your teammates destroy all enemy beds to win.Ear Bed Wars Mod

Solo, duo, and quad modes

The game offers you 3 modes including solo, duo, and quad. Each mode takes you to different battles, with unique maps. Unique fighting style, gameplay, and strategy. For the solo mode of the game Bed Wars Mod. You fight random enemies in a 1vs1 fight. Duo mode puts you in pair matches. Accompanied by another warrior, the two will work together to defeat the enemy. Especially the quad mode, one of the modes that are loved by many people. Because when participating, you can enter the battle with a total of 16 players, including 4 different teams. Dramatically fight with the remaining teams to win. No matter what game mode you join. Your mission is to destroy the enemy’s bed.Game Bed Wars Mod

Collect resources to buy tools or craft

Throughout the dramatic war in the world of Bed Wars Mod. Players need to search and constantly collect items and resources. Gold and metal are two things you can easily collect on the map. Because they appear in many different locations. Help you shop for tools in the store such as bombs, traps, weapons, and other items. Likewise, you can collect resources to craft weapons such as swords, bows, axes, hammers. Unleash their power in attacking the enemy. With two types of close-range and long-range weapons, your fighting style will become diverse. Use effectively in each situation, helping you defeat the enemy easily. For example bow and arrow attack the enemy from a long distance. Swords, axes have the ability to fight flexibly at close range.Download Bed Wars Mod

The graphics of the Bed Wars Mod game are designed to be extremely impressive. Using unique 3D Pixel graphics, with bright colors. Give players a lively space. In particular, you have the opportunity to explore thousands of character skins. Choose a favorite character and enter the battle to show off your skills. Incorporate upbeat music throughout the battle. Make you feel more excited when experiencing. Not only that, but the chat feature is also integrated into the game. Help you chat with friends, and automatically recognize the language. From there, you can find friends and fight together in random battles.

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