Beatstar Mod APK (Always Tap Perfect, High Score)
Beatstar Mod APK (Always Tap Perfect, High Score)

Beatstar Mod APK (Always Tap Perfect, High Score)

By CBCC - October 20, 2021
Name Beatstar - Touch Your Music
MOD Features Always Tap Perfect, High Score
Size 161MB
Requires Android 6.0
Category Music
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Price FREE
Publisher Space Ape
Update October 20, 2021 (4 days ago )

Beatstar Mod will bring you a true music experience. Immerse yourself in popular music by many top artists. Show off your musical talent to complete a singer’s song. Feel the music at the touch of a button. Lots of musical melodies appear on your screen, represented by the vocals. Play a complete piece of music by not missing any vocals. Each bar represents the melody of the song. The tempo is happening fast, slow depending on the time, depending on the music you play. Complete a song with the highest score, you will get a reward. Keep coming with new, more attractive, and interesting songs. However, the developer of Space Ape requires a network connection to play.

Download Beatstar Mod – Immerse yourself in Attractive Music

The gameplay of Beatstar Mod takes place in the style of playing music. Requires your perception, your ability to observe, and your playing skills to get through. During the music playing, the vocals appear from the top. Run in a vertical line, divided into 3 rows. Your task tap or hold to play. Depending on the tune of the song, the vocals will display the corresponding length. Use your playing skills, overcome musical melodies to complete a song. Without missing any music during the play, you will get the maximum score. From there, you can complete the task in the best way. That means the reward is also very much.Download Beatstar Mod

Increasing pace

At the beginning of the song in Beatstar Mod. The tempo is quite slow, you easily grasp each vocal. However, the tempo of the game depends on the music of the song. Therefore, it is possible that at some point, the pace will increase rapidly. Usually, the music will increase the tempo gradually. But sometimes, there are some songs that will increase the tempo very quickly. If you don’t observe or lose focus. I May not be able to keep up, resulting in missing vocals. Make the score not high. Besides, the difficulty of the game depends not only on the music in each song. It also depends on the track in the next levels of play.Game Beatstar Mod

Lots of songs composed by famous singers

The game offers you a diverse music system. With many different genres of music, composed by hundreds of famous singers. Up to the present time, Beatstar Mod owns more than 100 songs. Examples include Gangnam Style, Bastille, Lmfao, We Love You Tecca, etc., and many more. Each song is composed by a top singer. With worldwide popularity and coverage. Helping you to be immersed in attractive music melodies. At the same time, each song contains a lot of melodies, which are played in different fast and slow tempos. Choose your favorite music, by a singer you admire. Enjoy the song they composed by playing each melody, without missing any vocals.Beatstar Mod

Vivid graphics, effects, and sounds

The 3D graphics used in Beatstar Mod make your experience more engaging. Combine music drift effects, along with touches on the bars. Very impressive performance, giving you a feeling of excitement. Besides, this is a music game. So the sound quality is designed to be extremely impressive. Expressed through each musical melody of each song, with lively sound. Gives you the excitement of being entertained by the music being played.Ear Beatstar Mod

Not only playing music alone, but Beatstar Mod also allows you to invite friends to join. Send them new songs, show off your achievements. Also, surpass their achievements to show off your playing skills. Complete the tracks with the highest achievement. You also have the opportunity to climb the rankings, be known by many people. This is a music game developed for the purpose of giving players moments of entertainment. Enjoy the feeling of fun with attractive music melodies. With a playlist for you to choose from. Pursuing his own musical passion in each vocal of the song. Promises to bring you an extremely enjoyable music-playing experience.

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