Beat Racing Mod APK 1.6.5 (Unlimited Money, God Mode)
Beat Racing Mod APK 1.6.5 (Unlimited Money, God Mode)

Beat Racing Mod APK 1.6.5 (Unlimited Money, God Mode)

By CBCC - January 14, 2022
Name Beat Racing
Version 1.6.5
MOD Features Unlimited Money, God Mode
Size 80MB
Requires Android 4.4
Category Music
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Price FREE
Publisher Badsnowball Limited
Update January 14, 2022 (3 days ago )

Beat Racing Mod is an attractive musical racing game. Participate in high-speed car races, with the task of keeping up with the tempo and melody of the music. There are no competitive races with opponents, no bends or turns on the road. All just in a straight line, in a unique musical space. You control the racing car on the road, dodging the obstacles flexibly. Simultaneously dive into music melodies to create complete music. Although it seems quite simple, the difficulty will gradually increase during the race. The speed is increasing, making you focus on observing. Just small negligence or not paying attention, you will run into obstacles on the road. That will cause the race to end, you cannot complete the required task.

Download Beat Racing Mod – Discover Racing Music Exciting Through Each Race

Enter the race in a unique 3D dimension of the Beat Racing Mod. Become a racer, alone participate in exciting musical car races. Control the car flexibly to keep up with the tempo and melodies of exciting music. Don’t miss a beat to create a complete soundtrack. You are immersed in the hottest music in the world, enjoy the speed race in impressive space. During the race, you can create Perfect phases by constantly rushing to the beat of the music. At the same time collect gold cups for a chance to receive attractive gifts. The game has an entertainment element, allowing you to enjoy the music you create yourself. Promising to bring the most exciting music car races.Beat Racing Mod APK

Dash into the blue object, dodge the red object

Start the race of Beat Racing Mod with a supercar. Your task is to control the car to rush into the blue objects. Each object represents a musical melody. Requires you not to miss any tunes to achieve the highest achievement. Simultaneously combined with the ability to observe and quick reflexes to avoid red objects. Because those are obstacles, they will cause you to stop the game and not be able to complete the race. Not stopping there, the wooden panels will suddenly appear in a certain position in the race. You can take advantage of it to create impressive flying stunts. Don’t forget to collect gold cups during racing.Game Beat Racing Mod

Difficulty corresponds to the tempo of the music

The difficulty of the Beat Racing Mod corresponds to the tempo of each track. During a race, the track will sometimes be fast and sometimes slow. This means that the speed of the game and the speed of the car will increase. Make you pay attention so you don’t miss a single tune. Or enter the dramatic race with exciting music. The tempo of the music is very fast making the speed of the car also increase. Requires observational skills and experience to keep up with the pace of the game. In addition, you need to improve your skills and gain experience through each race.

Diverse vehicle system

Each race after the end, the amount of bonus you receive will be based on the achievements achieved during the racing process. Then you can choose a more modern car. Beat Racing Mod owns a lot of unique racing cars. With some typical cars such as Lexus LFA, Gecko, Agera. Or famous supercar models like LaFerrari, 488Pista, Reventon, … and many other models for you to choose from. Each car has a different price, along with a design that is very realistic compared to reality. Owning a car that you love will help you feel more excited in the race. That will bring an intense emotion, helping you to have your own experience.Ear Beat Racing Mod

With such an attractive musical racing game, the music is definitely indispensable. Beat Racing Mod provides a lot of famous music for you to explore. For example, a song that has been on the charts for a while, like Coffin Dance or Believer. And there are many other famous songs for you to experience. You can even choose your own favorite music. Each track has a maximum of 3 gold cups, you need to collect enough during the race to complete and experience the new track.Beat Racing Mod

The graphics of Beat Racing Mod are designed extremely nicely. There are no authentic tracks or inspired by famous roads. Instead, the races take place in an impressive 3D dimension. Sometimes you will feel like you are racing in space with beautiful stars and galaxies. Combined with unique 3D effects, creating an attractive race not to be missed.

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