Beam of Magic Mod APK 1.11.1 (Unlimited Money)
Beam of Magic Mod APK 1.11.1 (Unlimited Money)

Beam of Magic Mod APK 1.11.1 (Unlimited Money)

By CMB - January 14, 2022
Name Beam of Magic
Version 1.11.1
MOD Features Unlimited Money
Size 74MB
Requires Android 5.0+
Category Action
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Price FREE
Publisher Zillion Whales
Update January 14, 2022 (3 days ago )

The beam of Magic is set in a fantasy world. Here people can use magic to destroy evil monsters. Players will transform into an apprentice mages with extraordinary strength and can use magical power. Completing the assigned system tasks, you will become the greatest and most talented magician in the world. Players will have to go through many difficult challenges. Dangers from monsters are always lurking around and can take your life at any time. So be calm and brave to destroy all of them. On the way always have to be highly focused to be able to judge the obstacles and traps that will make you stop the game. To overcome the challenges requires players to have skills, experience, and smart tactics. Combined with existing magic will dodge obstacles and destroy monsters easily. Not only that, but the system also provides you with advanced equipment and weapons to destroy all monsters at once without losing strength.

Download Beam of Magic Mod – Journey to become the most powerful magician

A beam of Magic Mod will let gamers experience a new style. Players can only control their character with a virtual key on the screen. It has the function of projecting magic power at monsters. You will have an HP bar to feel the strength of the character. Don’t let it run out of steam, because you might end up making sacrifices. And in the process of fighting with monsters, there will be elements that appear to help the character recover strength. Players can magically heal, increase armor or increase attack speed. Depending on the situation, choose for yourself an appropriate strength to continue fighting. Monsters will appear more and more, so you must be well prepared, ready to deal with them. Practice playing regularly to improve your skills, quick reflexes, and smart strategies. To be able to preserve life until the end of the game.

Beam of Magic mod

Equip Weapons

magic was given to them by the gods. So, Beam of Magic Mod will provide you with equipment to support and protect the body. Includes: Cloak, necklace, ring, earring, especially a powerful magic staff. Each type will have a certain strength and stats. They will be upgraded after each level. Use it wisely, it will save you too much effort to deal with a large number of monsters. In addition, you also have the opportunity to own unlimited ammo guns. With just a push of a button, bullets will shoot out continuously and defeat the monsters in a flash.

Beam of Magic mod apk

Confront the powerful boss

In the world of Beam of Magic Mod, there are countless types of scary and scary monsters. In addition to those that are the same size as your character. Behind that is an extremely powerful and dangerous boss. Possesses a tremendous amount of blood and powerful magic. So you can avoid it, don’t rush to fight right away, save your life. To defeat them, players need time to gain experience and master skills. Magic has reached the highest level. Then, watch, focus on finding the opening and deliver the fatal blow to finish it. Defeating the boss can be considered the most difficult task in this gameplay. If it is just a moment of neglect, it will be destroyed immediately and will have to stop the game.

Game Beam of Magic mod

Experience with friends

The beam of Magic Mod has PvP mode so you can join your friends. Gameplay has a lot of challenges, traps that prevent you from becoming the strongest. So, to be able to survive for a long time in the game, you will need the support of your teammates. They have special powers that you cannot imagine. Will help you overcome challenges quickly and easily. Fighting together in life-and-death battles will help people understand each other better. Having the opportunity to exchange and learn combat experience from friends will help players improve their skills. It’s great to be able to win battles with your close friends. It will bring a feeling of comfort and relaxation after the stress at work.

Game Beam of Magic mod hack

Graphics and sound

Players will have the most realistic experience by the quality of graphics in this gameplay. The developer designed it in the form of 3D graphics, so it is extremely sharp and smooth. Create extremely unique characters with diverse skins. Will make players enjoy and addictive. The details and images in the game are meticulously built. To be able to simulate a most vivid magical world. In particular, when the character uses magic, beautiful effects will appear, attracting players. The sound in this gameplay is extremely rich and lively. Combined with background music, sometimes funny, sometimes dramatic, suitable for the situation. It will give players an interesting and entertaining experience.

The beam of Magic will let players experience the feeling of using powerful magic. At the same time satisfy the passion of conquering the adventure of gamers. And players also have the opportunity with friends or gamers around the world to adventure to new lands. Download Beam of Magic Mod to become a master magician and protect the world from fearsome monsters.

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